Highest ODI runs by a Team: 5 Highest Scores in ODIs

Updated on: Jul 6, 2023 2:42 pm IST

Highest ODI runs by a Team

We explore the five highest scores in ODIs which showcases the relentless pursuit of runs and the exhibition of batting supremacy.

Highest ODI runs by a Team

Team Score Overs RR Opposition Ground Match Date
England 498/4 50.0 9.96 Netherlands Amstelveen 17 Jun 2022
England 481/6 50.0 9.62 Australia Nottingham 19 Jun 2018
England 444/3 50.0 8.88 Pakistan Nottingham 30 Aug 2016
Sri Lanka 443/9 50.0 8.86 Netherlands Amstelveen 4 Jul 2006
South Africa 439/2 50.0 8.78 West Indies Johannesburg 18 Jan 2015

1. England’s Towering Total against Netherlands – 498/4

On June 17, 2022, in Amstelveen, England blazed their way to a monumental total of 498 for 4 against the Netherlands. The English batsmen showcased their breathtaking stroke play and aggressive intent, dismantling the Dutch bowling attack to establish a new benchmark in ODI cricket.

2. England’s Record-Shattering Triumph over Australia – 481/6

In Nottingham on June 19, 2018, England once again demonstrated their batting might by amassing a staggering 481 for 6 against their arch-rivals, Australia. The English batsmen, driven by an insatiable hunger for runs, unleashed a relentless assault, rewriting the record books and etching their names in cricketing folklore.

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3. England’s Domination against Pakistan – 444/3

Nottingham witnessed yet another run-fest on August 30, 2016, as England piled up a colossal total of 444 for 3 against Pakistan. The English batsmen combined power-hitting with precise shot selection, leaving the opposition helpless and forging a path to an imposing victory.

4. Sri Lanka’s Towering Score against Netherlands – 443/9

On July 4, 2006, in Amstelveen, Sri Lanka showcased their batting prowess by amassing an astounding total of 443 for 9 against the Netherlands. The Sri Lankan batsmen launched a relentless assault on the Dutch bowlers, scoring runs at a blistering pace and leaving a lasting impact on the match.

5. South Africa’s Demolition of West Indies – 439/2

In Johannesburg on January 18, 2015, South Africa unleashed a ferocious display of batting power, amassing an imposing total of 439 for 2 against the West Indies. The Proteas’ batsmen combined grace with brute force, showcasing their ability to score runs at an astonishing rate.

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