IND vs PAK Test Records. Check details

Updated on: Jul 22, 2023 11:27 am IST

IND vs PAK Test

Cricket matches between Pakistan and India consistently deliver thrilling and captivating encounters, captivating fans not only in their respective nations but also across the cricketing world. The intense rivalry between these two teams is evident from their closely-contested matches, as reflected in the closely matched IND vs PAK Test records.

IND vs PAK Test Records. Check details

The cricket rivalry between Pakistan and India spans as far back as Pakistan’s inception into the cricketing world. In 1952, the two teams clashed in their first-ever international cricket match, and since then, their encounters have been marked by intermittent play, often influenced by prevailing political situations. Despite the irregularity, whenever they meet on the field, it never fails to captivate cricket fans, offering nail-biting moments and intense excitement throughout the match.

Since their inaugural test match in 1952, India and Pakistan have faced each other 59 times. Although India claimed victory in the first encounter, Pakistan has maintained a superior record with 12 wins compared to India’s 9. Additionally, 38 matches between the two rivals ended in draws. Notably, their only interaction in the regional test championship organized by the Asian Cricket Council occurred in 1999 at Kolkata, where Pakistan emerged triumphant with a 46-run win.

In Test cricket history, Pakistan holds the record for the highest team total in a single innings, amassing a remarkable 699/5 against India during the third Test in Lahore in the 1989/90 season. Conversely, the lowest team total was witnessed when Pakistan bowled out India for a mere 106 runs in the second Test at Lucknow during the 1952/53 season. When it comes to individual brilliance, Indian opener Virender Sehwag left an indelible mark by scoring an astonishing 309 against Pakistan in the first Test at Multan in 2004.

As for bowling heroics, the legendary Anil Kumble produced an unforgettable performance, claiming 10/74 against Pakistan in the second innings of the second Test at Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi in 1999. These remarkable feats etched their names in cricketing history, leaving a lasting legacy for fans and players alike.


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