September 3, 2018
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Team still has to learn: Kohli

By Christopher Paul

After the embarrassing 60-run loss on Sunday, India lost the Test series 3-1 to England. The target was 245 and India was all-out for 184. No one seems more disappointed than captain Kohli himself. Kohli’s tone was harsh when he said that it is not good enough to say that the loss was only by 30 or 50 runs, but this realization must happen during the match, and not after.

He accepted that the team played well but said that it was not consoling to say that they competed. Kohli said that the team still has to learn the art of crossing the line into a victory. There was definitely some good ability, which is why the team came so close to winning, but could not achieve the result. The team still has to learn how to deal with a pressure situation.

According to Kohli, the team had to be more relentless and fearless to start off an overseas series well. Kohli accepted that the team did well in so far as capitalizing on the driving position and not letting the opposition make a comeback. Giving the example of Nottingham, he said that is what the team needs to play like from the very beginning of the series. He said that it was important, especially in a long series to play well in the beginning. Though there is time later on, that time should be kept for making a comeback and not catching up massively.

Kohli said that it was difficult to realize in the first innings, the key moments of the match. In retrospection, Kohli wishes he and Pujara could have batted a little longer and extended the lead. At least, the team had not just thrown the match. They had made England earn the victory and Kohli was pleased about the fact that the team never really gave up.

He appreciated Moeen Ali but also defended Ashwin, who couldn’t quite get it right. Nevertheless, Kohli took solace in the fact that at home, no one can even come close to batting India, but at least they posed a threat to England at home

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