August 30, 2018
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Michael Vaughan’s bold prediction against India for the 4th Test match

By Christopher Paul

India is looking forward to their 4th Test match against England in the ongoing five-Test match series on Thursday (30th August). With the hosts in the lead with 2-1, India will be trying their very best to settle the score at Southampton. Fans and critics are eagerly waiting for the match to begin and with any highly anticipated event, there are predictions.  Predictions on who will win and who will stand out.

Among the many predictions circling social media, one has stood out. That being the prediction of former English cricketer Michael Vaughan. According to Vaughan “England will bounce back. In about six days the score will be 3-1. Series done and dusted.” Even after India made a huge comeback, winning at Trent Bridge, Vaughan believes England will win this match.

The confidence in team India is at an all-time high after the huge 203 run victory over the hosts. After two losses when all seemed dim and dull for our boys but they strived through and kept the series alive and beating.

Currently, team India is trying to level the scoreboard with a win in their 4th Test match. This series has garnered quite a lot of attention. Fans and experts are waiting to see if team India and Virat Kohli will do what no one else could and follow in the footsteps on Sir Don Bradman and win this series 3-2. Veteran Indian cricketers have called the 4th test match a ‘do or die’ match for India and now this prediction.

Vaughan also said that this might be a longer game than the one at Trent Bridge. He also added that it might get into the fifth day of playing. Along with his bold prediction on who will win, he also predicted who on either side will be the top performer.

On the English side, he predicted the top bowler will be Stuart Broad as he was excellent at Trent Bridge. With the bat, Vaughan named Ben Stokes to be the top performer. On Team India’s side, Vaughan was quick to mention captain Virat. But he also named Cheteshwar Pujara and on the bowling side, he said it will be Jasprit Bumrah.

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