August 31, 2018
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Sourav Ganguly has advice for Kohli & Co.

By Christopher Paul

Ridding off a huge victory at Trent Bridge before going into another battle at Southampton, team India is full of confidence. This is a good thing but also a bad one, according to Sourav Ganguly. The man who lit a fire on the field believes team India shouldn’t be overly excited about their win. Naturally, after a loss, any team would be looking for a comeback, in this case, that team being England.

India did the same after two losses, they made a huge comeback, expect the same from England. Under the weight of criticism from the fans and experts, India made a huge victorious comeback at Trent Bridge. Now the pressure is on England to do the same. It was all in team India’s mindset that caught Root and the English team off-guard.

Ganguly also praised Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul for blunting the new ball and sending a message to the rest of the batsmen in both innings at Trent Bridge. He said that it was the openers that were able to lay a foundation by putting 50 plus runs on the board and survive the new ball. This was a clear message to the dressing room that if they wanted they could stay put.

Ganguly also praised the batsmen by saying that India’s batting which is their biggest strength was finally seen with the likes of Rahul, Dhawan, Rahane, and Pujara. Ganguly also praised the Indian pacers by saying since their South Africa tour, they have been consistently bowling out the opposition.

Continuing his talk about the bowlers, he mentioned Bumrah, Ishant, and Pandya. He called them a treat for the ‘connoisseurs of fast bowling’. Going into detail he said that the length they bowled was outstanding and their ability to pitch the ball up everytime was remarkable.

Lastly, he said that the 4th Test match could be a mental battle. Ganguly’s words were not to be overly excited about the victory and keep their heads on their shoulders. Even if the 4th Test starts out strong, team India should stay focused and keep the hosts as a threat.

Christopher Paul

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