IPL Cheerleaders: 3 unexpected dirty secrets revealed by IPL Cheerleaders

Updated on: Feb 13, 2023 1:50 pm IST

IPL Cheerleaders

IPL Cheerleaders: The Indian Premier League is known for its glitz and glamour, and the cheerleaders are a big part of that. These talented dancers add excitement to the games, but behind the scenes, their lifestyle is often not as glamorous as it appears.

Cheerleaders are underpaid for their hard work and subjected to poor working conditions, including subpar housing and travel arrangements. They also face harassment from fans and disrespectful treatment from organizers. Despite these challenges, IPL cheerleaders continue to bring energy to the games, and their contribution to the tournament cannot be overstated.

1. Underpaid and late payments

By seeing the glitz and glamour of IPL cheerleaders, the fans will be thinking that they are living a happy life. Also, there is a common belief they receive hefty paycheques for their performances. Unfortunately, the reality is a bitter one as they only get a small amount of money for their hard work. It also depends on the franchises as some teams pay less compared to others.

A few years ago, two Ukranian cheerleaders who worked for the Rajasthan franchise confirmed that sometimes their payments are not issued on time. They also complained about the problems related to food and necessary support items which are not usually available during their travel.

On top of that, they are mostly allocated one-star hotels which don’t have enough facilities. Some of the girls have also admitted that their hotels are way too dirty to occupy because of the animal droppings present in their rooms.

2. After-match parties & celebrations

The IPL was established as a tournament meant to provide fun for both the audience and players, who are often under pressure to perform at a high level. To help the players relax and unwind, after-parties were introduced as a way to alleviate the demands of their on-field activities.

While these parties were successful in allowing the players to refresh themselves for the long tournament, they also had negative consequences. Many players turned to excessive alcohol consumption, leading to inappropriate behavior. Gabriella Pasqualotto, a cheerleader, revealed that some Australian and South African players engaged in disrespectful behavior while drunk. Additionally, there were rumors that the parties were also a site for discussions of match-fixing.

3. Exploitation

Women’s safety is a topic that is not frequently discussed within the IPL. The league has had several instances of harassment against women in the past, and even the IPL cheerleaders have voiced their dissatisfaction on several occasions. Despite putting on a happy face while performing, they have expressed security concerns, but their concerns have never been addressed by the authorities.

A cheerleader has claimed that the majority of the Indian audience view them as sexual objects, shouting obscenities. They believe that the fans do not appreciate the art form and have to wear outfits that are not well-designed and uncomfortable.

In one instance, the police conducted a search of their rooms without a warrant, which further highlights the lack of respect for their rights. Overall, the organizers have never treated the cheerleaders with the dignity they deserve.

In conclusion, the IPL cheerleaders play a vital role in bringing excitement to the games, but their lifestyle is not always as glamorous as it may appear. They are underpaid, subjected to poor working conditions, and face harassment and disrespectful treatment. These challenges are unacceptable and the IPL authorities must work towards improving the working conditions and respect for these talented dancers. By doing so, they can create a more positive and inclusive environment for everyone involved in the tournament. Ultimately, this would enhance the overall experience for both the fans and the players, making the IPL an even more exciting and enjoyable event for all.

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