IPL Song Download: How to Download IPL Songs?

Updated on: Feb 27, 2023 12:36 pm IST

IPL Bhavishyavani

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is not just a cricket tournament, it’s a celebration of cricket. Every year, millions of people around the world eagerly wait for the IPL to begin. The league is known for its high-octane matches, thrilling finishes, and the electrifying atmosphere in the stadiums. But, one thing that has always stood out in the IPL is its theme song. The IPL song is an integral part of the tournament, and it sets the tone for the matches. From the first season of the IPL in 2008 to the present day, the IPL song has evolved and become a cultural phenomenon.

IPL Song Download

One of the reasons why the IPL song is so popular is that it reflects the energy and spirit of the tournament. It’s a perfect blend of music, dance, and cricket, and it captures the essence of the IPL. The IPL song has become so popular that it’s now available for download. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to IPL Song Download and some of the best IPL songs of all time.

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How to Download IPL Songs?

If you’re a fan of the IPL and want to download the IPL song, then there are several ways to do it. The easiest way is to visit the official IPL website and download the song from there. The IPL website has a section dedicated to the IPL song, where you can listen to the song and download it in MP3 format.

Another way to download the IPL song is to use a music streaming app like Gaana or JioSaavn. These apps have a wide collection of songs, and you can easily search for the IPL song and download it.

If you’re an Android user, you can also download the IPL song from the Google Play Store. There are several apps available that allow you to download the IPL song for free. However, be cautious when downloading from third-party apps as they may contain malware.

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Best IPL Songs of All Time

  1. IPL Anthem 2021 – Aayenge Hum Wapas: The IPL anthem for 2021 was a tribute to the people who fought against the COVID-19 pandemic. Sung by renowned artists like Prabhudeva, Salman Ali, and Varun Dhawan, the song is a perfect blend of emotions, energy, and hope.
  2. IPL Anthem 2019 – Game Banayega Name: The IPL anthem for 2019 was a catchy number that got everyone grooving. Sung by rapper Divine, the song was an instant hit and became the most-watched IPL song on YouTube.
  3. IPL Anthem 2018 – Best vs Best: The IPL anthem for 2018 was a tribute to the spirit of the tournament. Sung by Siddharth Basrur, the song was a perfect blend of rock and Indian music and captured the essence of the IPL.
  4. IPL Anthem 2016 – Ek India Happywala: The IPL anthem for 2016 was a celebration of India’s diversity and unity. Sung by Pritam and Benny Dayal, the song had a catchy tune and was an instant hit.
  5. IPL Anthem 2014 – India Ka Tyohaar: The IPL anthem for 2014 was a celebration of cricket and India’s passion for the game. Sung by Rajiv Sundaresan and Shivamm Pathak, the song had a patriotic feel to it and captured the mood of the tournament.

The IPL song is not just a song, it’s an emotion. It’s a celebration of cricket, music, and culture, and it’s a reflection of the spirit of the IPL.

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