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AFGH vs WI Astro Prediction: Who will Win Today’s Cricket Match Astrology?

Cricket Match Predictions Astrology

AFGH vs WI Astro Prediction: After winning the T20 series, Afghanistan will take on West Indies in the only test starting from Wednesday morning. Let’s see which team is likely to win this test match according to the stars.

A captain writes the fortune of his team and the fate of his rests on his shoulders.

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WI- West Indies Captain:

Name: Jason Holder
Birth Date: 5th November 1991
Moon Sign: Libra
Sun Sign: Scorpion
Nakshatra: Swati

AFGH – Afghanistan Captain:

Name: Rashid Khan
Birth Date: 20th September 1998
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Libra
Nakshatra: Chitra

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AFGH vs WI Astro Prediction:

The Third House:

  • Rashid Khan's 3rd house is Empty.
  • Jason Holder has Ketu present in his 3rd house which makes him strong physically and mentally. Cricket test match is a 5-day game in which a cricketer has to be at his absolute best physically and mentally. Ketu in the 3rd house will help Jason Holder in maintaining his energy level.

The Sixth House:

  • Rashid khan has the Sun present in his 6th house which will keep him positive and drive him towards success.
  • Jason Holder has Venus present in his 6th house which will help him in staying disciplined in his game and giving improved performance.


  • Rashid khan has Mars residing in his 4th house which is not considered favorable for the native. It will break his concentration on the field while taking decisions also it will increase the frustration and anger level on and off the field.
  • Mars is residing in the 7th house of Jason Holder's Kundli. It will help him in taking on the challenges thrown at him and deal with them with a cool head on his shoulders.


  • Rashid Khan has mercury residing in his 5th house which will help him in staying proactive with his approach on the field.
  • Jason Holder has mercury residing in his 8th house which will help him in analyzing the game situation in a better manner which will come handy while making decisions on the field.

Win Prediction

Jason Holder has his stars in the stronger position and it looks like stars are aligning themselves for a West Indies victory over Afghanistan.

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