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Indusgames App is a fantasy sports platform created for the average cricket/football lover in the country who’s able to exercise his skill and expertise in terms of selecting the right collective unit.

The Inplay Leagues is one of the features which distinguishes Indus Games from any other new fantasy cricket apps.  The purpose of Inplay Leagues is to enhance user engagement to participate in fantasy leagues while the match is taking place.

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There will be multiple leagues (in play) which are divided into slots, while those slots are clubbed together.

For cricket, Inplay Leagues are available in all three formats of the game (TEST, ODI, T20).

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Indusgames Features

Here’s an example of how Inplay Leagues are conducted in T20. Players can create a maximum of one team per slot in a match. Each T20 match has 2 innings. Each inning will be segregated into slots.

T20 (3 Slots)
1st INN 2nd INN
Slot 1 – 0.1 to 10.0 overs                Only Slot 3 – 0.1 to 10.0 overs
Slot 2 – 10.1 to 20.0 overs
Every Slot closes at a particular time, mentioned below:


Slot 1     Start of Match, 1st Innings
Slot 2     1st Innings – 8.0 overs
Slot 3     Start of 2nd Innings
Once a slot is live, the user will not be allowed to make any changes to their team.

For a slot to be valid:

T20: 5 overs must be completed in that slot.

Bonus & Extra Point/s for Economy & Strike Rate won’t apply in these Leagues

Team Creation

Players are allowed to create teams post the conclusion of Toss

Teams can be created for each slot within a T20 match & will be valid only for that slot.

Players can create a maximum of ONE Team per Slot in a match.

The team per slot will have 5 players – Max 3 Players from 1 team.

Players need to nominate a Captain and a Vice-Captain

Captain of the team will get 2 times the points and Vice Captain would get 1.5 times the points

The points system – the current points system applies

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The user could also participate in the Inplay Leagues of a football game.

The First InPlay league is applicable for the 1st half of the football match. The Second InPlay League is for the 2nd half of the football match.

You need to select 7 players to participate in each InPlay. The team chosen for 1st InPlay will be considered for Fantasy Points scored in the first 45 minutes (plus injury time) of the game. Similarly, the team chosen for the 2nd InPlay will be considered for Fantasy points scored between the 45th and 90 minutes of the game, plus the injury time.

The seven players have to be chosen from a kitty of Goal Keeper, Defender, Mid Fielder and Forward Players. The table below shows how many from each position can be chosen

 Required to be chosen

Goal Keeper       1

Defender            2

Midfielder           3

Forwards             1

1 You are not allowed to select more than 4 players from one team.

Select one player as the captain of your team will get 1.5 times the points scored by this player

If a player is designated as a Forward and in a match, he/she plays at a different position. i.e. if he/she plays as a Mid Fielder in that game, the system will still consider this player as forwarding and not Mid Fielder. The point calculation shall be based on the position of the player designated in the squad before the match starts.

If the match is abandoned mid-way of the half, then the participation fee for that InPlay will be returned if less than 20 minutes of the game was played. For example,

(a) if the match was abandoned within the first 20 minutes, the money is refunded.

(b) If the match was abandoned at say 40th minute, then the Fantasy Point shall be calculated till 40th minute and winnings paid out.

You can edit your team as many times as need be before the start of the half. You can also change the captain before this deadline.

Teams can be created for each InPlay slot shall be valid for only that slot. For example, if a Team of 7 Player is created for 1st Half InPlay, the same team cannot be used for 2nd Half InPlay

Players can create a maximum of ONE Team per InPlay Slot in a match.

With that being said, Indus Games has a sleek design and is soon to be available on Android and IOS servers which should attract a larger audience in the future.

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