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Premier League: Teams, Fixtures, Stats, Live Score, Table, Live Streaming Today

Premier League is the mother of all leagues. Although it may not be the first club sports event, still it has managed to gather an unparallel reputation. Founded in 1992, it has 28 years of rich sports history. The success of the league is synonymous with the fact that currently, it is the most-watched sports league in the world. The sports extravaganza is witnessed by around 4.7 billion people worldwide. Famously known as the English Premier League outside of England, the teams and their players have a global fan following. Be its popularity, the fanfare, stadium occupancy or television attendance, the English Premier League has got it all. It can quite rightfully be said that the league has made the game of football hugely popular around the world.

Premier League Teams

Let us come to the teams that feature in the cash-rich league sports. There are 20 teams which participate in the tournament. The teams which are more famously known as clubs operate with the system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League. This system is a common method followed by many leagues around the world. In this system, the teams are divided into two or more divisions. The best performing teams in the lower division are promoted and the worst-performing teams in the highest division are downgraded.

Premier League Fixtures

The league culminates from August and continues till May in the next year. It is an annual event which has had 28 years of nonstop football entertainment. Each team or club gets to play 38 matches each against all 19 teams. The matches are equally divided at home and away. The league follows a double round-robin format. Since the inception of the EPL, there have been 49 clubs that have participated in the elite tournament. The games are generally played on afternoons of Saturday and Sunday. The tournament is quite rightfully referred to as the ‘Top Level of English Football League System’ as it generates close to 2.2 billion Euros in domestic and international television rights.

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Premier League Format

The scoring for the matches is as follows:

For every win by a team, they are given 3 points each. In a draw match both the teams get 1 point each. The scoreboard remains unchanged in case any team loses a match. The points table consists of total points aggregated by all teams. The number of goal difference and goal scored also features in the points table in the same order. If 2 teams have the same point in the table, their goal difference and goal scored is also same, then both teams occupy the same position in the table. Or in other words, their position is the same amongst all teams. In case there is a tie between two or more teams for the championship, relegation a play-off match at a neutral venue decides the rank. A play-off match is also scheduled in case two or more teams tie for qualification to other competitions.

Premier League Stats

The English Premier League started 38 years ago in 1992. The league has a rich football legacy behind it. Here are a few stats of the tournament.

  • Highest title wins – 13 by Manchester United
  • Most Consecutive title wins – 3 by Manchester United. (1998-99 to 2000-01) and (2006-07 to 2008-09)
  • Highest winning margin by a team -19 points Held by Manchester City (100 points) against Manchester United (81 points) in the year 2017-18.
  • Smallest title-winning margin is 0 points and 8 goal difference. It was in the year 2011-12 by Manchester City against Manchester United. This was the single occasion when goal difference between teams decided the winner.
  • Highest points in a season: 100 points by Machester City (2017-18).
  • The lowest points in a season: 11 points by Derby County (2007-08)
  • The highest number of wins in total: 796 by Manchester United
  • The highest number of wins in a season: 32 by Manchester United (2017-18, 2018-19) and Liverpool (2019-20).
  • Most consecutive wins: 18 by Manchester City (26 Aug- 27 Dec 2017) and Liverpool (27 Oct 19 – 24 Feb 20).
  • Most defeats in total: 383 by West Ham United.
  • Most Defeats in a season: 29 by Ipswich Town (1994-95), Sunderland (2005-06) and Derby County (2007-08).
  • Most draws in total: 306 by Everton
  • Most draws in a season: 42
  • Highest goals scored in total: 2055 by Manchester United
  • Highest goals in a season: 106 by Manchester United (2017-18).
  • Highest goals conceded: 1367 by Everton
  • Most yellow cards in total: 1687 by Chelsea
  • Most yellow cards in a season: 94 by Sunderland (2014-15).
  • Most red cards in total: 96 by Everton
  • Most red cards in a season: 9 by Sunderland (2009-10) and Queens Park Rangers (2011-12).
  • Highest Attendance in a single game: 83222 Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea at Wembley stadium (10 Feb 18).
  • Most Premier League appearance: 653 by Gareth Barry.
  • Most seasons appeared: 22 by Ryan Giggs (1992-93 to 2013-14).

Premier League Current Season

The ongoing season of Premier League has witnessed almost 15 matches each played by all the teams and the competition is in the mid-stages. The premier league table has Liverpool leading the teams followed by Leicester City with a difference of only 3 points between them. Everton stands 3rd in the points table and the heavyweight Manchester United lies in 4th position. However, predicting the final results is still a long call as there are many matches yet to be played and the tables can turn at any stage. The ongoing pandemic delayed the end of last season and the start of this season too. The sports authorities have announced on 23 Nov 20 that audience can return to the stadiums in low-risk areas in a staggered manner after the end of national lockdown on 2 Dec 20.

Fantasy Premier League

The English premier league enjoys a huge global fanbase. The fans can participate in Fantasy Leagues and bet on their favourite players to win exciting prizes. There are many options for playing the fantasy leagues, just choose the one that suits you and enjoy the game that you can play and win too.

Premier League Live Score

The English Premier League is broadcasted all across the globe on television. It can also be witnessed on some digital platforms. However, for those of you who cannot spare sufficient time can also keep track of the scores on any of the websites. There are numerous websites which keep a track of the live score, premier league tables, results and all related news.

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