5 Instances of defending champions crashing out in first round

Updated on: Jun 29, 2018 7:26 pm IST

FIFA world cup 2018’s defending champion Germany have been knocked out in the group stage after giving the shambolic performance in the initial phase, but it is not the first time in forever when the defending champions got knocked out in the first round? We have seen five more cases in the history when the crown savers saw the early exit from the tournament, so let’s recall the past when the expected ones have gone the unexpected way!

Team Italy, Image Credit: @FIFA

1938: Italy win the world cup
1950: knocked out in the group stage

Before getting knocked out of the tournament, Italy won the 1934 world cup too. So they had successfully saved their crown in the previous edition, it was the time when they were expected to score a hat-trick, but a hectic schedule of travelling from all the way to Brazil from Italy through a boat made them tired of playing.


Team Brazil, Image Credit: @FIFA

1962: Brazil win the world cup
1966: knocked out in the group stage


Brazil dealt with the same situation as Italy when they got knocked out of the tournament that to being defending it once before. No, this time travelling was not an issue but there over-dependence on Pele gave them shock in England. Brazilians started their campaign like the defending champions but ended up losing other two meaty tackle which resulted in their exit from the tournament.

Team France, Image Credit: @FIFA

1998: France win the world cup
2002: knocked out in the group stage

France knocked out of the group stage after getting a shock from a first timer Senegal because their Star pillar Zinedine Zidane was injured and missing of the two match in the world cup.

Team Italy, Image Credit: @FIFA

2006: Italy win the world cup
2010: knocked out in the group stage

Although South African hosting was a special message for the world, it was a bizarre memory for Italy. They have suffered humiliation by Slovakia as they defeated by a small team 3-2 to restrict their self to the round of 16.

Team Spain, Image Credit: @FIFA

2010: Spain win the world cup
2014: Knocked out in the group stage

They had mauled by Neitherland 5-1 against the likes of Iker Casillas, Xavi Hernandez and Xabi Alonso. After that, they knew they are out of the world cup as they got defeated by Chile which a stamp on their exit.

Team Germany, Image Credit: @FIFA

2014: Germany win the world cup
2018: knocked out in the group stage

The curse of the defending champions bits the holy Germany who was expected to play well in the tournament, but they also faced early exit after getting a shock from Mexico and South Korea.

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