Germany vs Mexico – FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Report

Updated on: Jun 18, 2018 12:37 am IST

Germany vs Mexico

The defending champions could not defend in their very first game of the FIFA World Cup 2018 against Mexico. The Luzhniki stadium watched the Mexican wave washing off the Germans from their shore despite German’s best effort to conquer Mexico and continue one their world domination. Germany should have won, that’s all pundits would say if they are to see the stats of the game. With 26 shots in an attempt to score a goal, only 9 were within the bounds of the goalpost and the rest went for a ‘Whoo’ and ‘Ohh.’ The Germans even had 67% of the possession but still one lose ball in the defense in the 35th minute in the German half andĀ  Mexican striker Hirving Lozano scored the only goal of the match from a key pass by Javier Hernandez on the left. He cuts inside into opponent’s penalty box and fires at the bottom left hand corner from 12 yards.

Hirving Lozano was the top goal scorer on Mexico’s quest to the World CupĀ  and now he scored his first ever World Cup goal for his country. As soon as the goal was scored the Germans got more furiated and Hector Moreno and recieves the first yellow card of the game.

The second half started with Germany getting more aggressive on the field and failing to do what’s necessary. In the 58th minute Mexico shifted to a more defensive tactics by susbtituting Casrlos Vela with Edson Alvarez. While two minutes later, German shifted the gears of the game by bringing in Marco Reus in Sami Khedira’s place. Waves after waves of Gernmany attacks remain futile as they couldn’t find the back of the net and the ones that are within goal are being stopped by the Mexican goalie. Time’s of short supply as Germany substitued Marvin Plattenhardt with Mario Gomez, another striker to helping breaking down the Mexican wall.

All tactics and ideas failed as Thomas Muller and Mats Hummels picks up yellow cards each in two consecutive minutes, expressing only their frustration in the field. The Mexican goalie made seven saves in the game, the most he has ever made in a World Cup match. Even the three minutes of added time also fell to see the Germans equalize and the game ended Mexico 1 – 0 Germany.


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