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Germany vs Sweden FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Report

What a goal it was from Toni Kroos at the moment? A brilliant touch of perfection, accuracy and curve. This match was needed to be won by the Germans because after losing out to Mexico in their first game; they were in a tie situation with Sweden who also managed to secure three points in their first game against South Korea. The defending champions had to prove themselves in this world cup, and many may question their performance in this game, but no one would doubt if the added minute perfection from Toni Kroos isn't one of the best goals ever scored in the world cup.

The match started with the Germans are still struggling to get all the chords of their musical attack right. There was a bag full of errors, and one of those was missing out on a great opportunity to score an early goal in the game. The struggle was on as Joachim Low made an early substitution taking out Sebastian Rudy and placing Ilkay Gundogan. The substitution did not help as much as the German manager would have wanted because in 32nd minute German conceded the first goal. It was a must-win game from the start, and things just got worst from bad. The first half ended as the Germans were a goal down.

The second half started and another early substitution made by Manager Low which saw Mario Gomez in for Julian Draxler. Two minutes later Werner gets a beautiful cross in the middle which Marco Reus finishes off in style to equalise the score and cut down the additional burden on their shoulders. But a draw wouldn't have made their day so they kept on pushing on through their opponents which saw one player from each team getting booked by the referee and two substitutions were made from the Swedish coach to strengthen their defence because even with a draw they would have been placed second on the group. The Germans were getting very frustrated as every attack was contained by the Sweden players with their goal keeper Olsen being at his peak. Jerome Boateng was already booked but to prevent Germany from conceding he made a dangerous tackle and was shown off the ground with a second yellow card. Germany was now one man short and only 8 minutes of play remain. In the 87th minute, the final substitution of German saw defender Jonas Hector out and Julian Brandt another attacking midfielder in. To kill some seconds, Sweden made their final set piece on the ground in the form of Isaac Kiese Thelin.

90 minutes was over and Germans are one goal and one man short of Sweden and the additional five minutes were about to end when Germany won a free kick on the left outside of Sweden's penalty box. Marco Reus and Toni Kroos lined up to take the shot, and all eyes were on them as they exchanged a few words before setting up the free kick. The defenders and attackers lined up in front of the goal, pushing each other as the referee blew the whistle Toni Kroos pushed the ball softly to Marco Reus who was just standing a foot away from him on the right. Reus stopped the ball and stepped back as Toni Kroos struck it with finesse and sheer power creating a wider angle for his shot. Olsen dived but the ball curled into the top far corner of the net. Toni Kroos made an unbelievable goal that saw the Germans holding on to their world cup dream.

Koustav Shaw

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