| On Jul 19, 2018 1:39 PM IST

How 70 Million Indians Stunned the World during FIFA World Cup


A country who can only dream to qualify in FIFA World cup stunned the world with the kind of love they gave to the World cup. Seven crores Indian overtakes the expectation of the digital broadcasters of FIFA World Cup as they watched their favourite sport on Sony Liv. It is an outstanding record to be maintained as people are getting interested in Football, especially in a cricket favouring country.

Although this didn’t break the record of IPL in which 20 crores Indian audience watched Franchise base cricket League on their screen through the digital platform.

“It has beaten our expectations. Taking into account the size of the football audience in our country, 70 million viewers is a huge number. It re-emphasises that SonyLIV is at the forefront of football streaming,” said Uday Sodhi, Sony Picture Network’s digital business head.

Image Credit: @Twitter

According to SPN’s report 20 Lakh users logged into their account and spent 15-16 minutes on an average on their App and website. Cities like Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Cochin, impressed a lot with their passion for once in a Four-year-tournament.

People have high expectation from India as they have shown their love and passion towards football. For the world, India is the best market economy wise, and they want to make some place in Indian Market. Marketing pundits are expecting high impressions from world brands, clubs of Football to turn their head.


The reason behind the organic impressions on the digital platform was a bit predictable after Indian Captain Sunil Chetri’s plea to the Indian. He asked Indian citizen and game lovers to come to the stadium in large number and watch football matches.  Football lovers accepted his request and reached Mumbai’s stadium to watch India vs Kenya in International Continental Cup. Football’s future in India is going to change soon which may change Indian football’s fate in FIFA World Cup.