Pogba looks better with World Cup more than Man United, says Mourinho

Updated on: Jul 25, 2018 1:22 pm IST

In an interview to a renowned media house, Jose Mourinho said that Paul Pogba hadn’t given his best to Manchester United, but he has done brilliant with France, it shows he can do exceptionally well when he is focused, but for him, it is difficult to replicate the same for Manchester United.

Pogba hailed by French people because of his efforts at the right time which made France the world champion and the final match which turned out to be 4-2 to make Les Blues Champion.

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Mourinho said he doesn’t think that Pogba is not trying to give his best to the team but the team hadn’t been able to get best of him. According to the manager, Pogba is perfect for World cup and world level championship (Basically with France) and he can give his all to his team because the championship is closed for a month and he can channelize his focus in a better way. there he can think only about the game, he will train well which is completely belongs to his habitat and it will motivate the great man to play the best he can be.

Some people will think that Mourinho is saying a baseless thing, but the boss of United gave specific facts to explain his opinion over Pogba, Mourinho said, During a season, you will have a bigger match and a smaller match, then also you will get to perform in even smaller match, so it can result in losing your focus, you will lose your concentration, and then a big match may come. In the World Cup, there is an emotional direction, of the responsibility, big decisions and they will keep helping you in growing up. You are in the group stage, you go to the last 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and in the end to the finals. This feeds motivation. This feeds concentration. And for Pogba it is a perfect environment he thinks players in the World Cup feels that extraordinary commitment with a country, with the people, that extra responsibility that makes them- by the emotional point of view, to be sometimes even overcommitted. So it’s a perfect habitat for a talented player like him to focus, to fully focus on the job.

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