‘Out of respect, I thought not to celebrate that goal’ Antoine Griezmann

Updated on: Jul 7, 2018 7:01 pm IST

The Half Uruguayan by heart, Antoine Griezmann said on the eve of the first quarter-final after winning the match against Uruguay that he didn’t celebrate the goal he scored at the 61st minute of the game to pay respect towards ‘Uruguay’, and their fans.

It was a not a one-sided affair, but Uruguay was unable to score a single goal against France, and they got knocked out from the Quarter-final stage. “Out of respect, I thought it was not appropriate to celebrate that goal,” said the French superstar.

Image Credit: @Twitter

Earlier, Griezmann said that he couldn’t believe the fact that France is going to play against Uruguay in Quarter-final and the reason behind his soft corner for Uruguay is his club career.

Griezmann started his club career with Real Sociedad where several players were from Uruguay, after spending so many years with Spanish people, he started feeling like a half-Uruguayan. But after his statement before the match, the Uruguay striker Luis Suarez said,”No matter how much he says that he’s half-Uruguayan but the fact is, he is French, and he does not know what an Uruguayan feels”. He does not see the dedication and effort that Uruguayans make from boys to be able to succeed in football with so few people.”

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