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Serbia vs Brazil – Brazil takes charge, another world cup loading

The five times world cup winners brilliance on the ground left the Serbians high and dry. Brazil came into this world cup as one of the favourites and in their first match against Switzerland that went for a draw, many pundits would have thought that the Brazilians may not be as that favourites. But the second game was better than their previous game, as they won against Costa Rica 2-0 from two last moments goal from Neymar and Coutinho. Brazil had already qualified for the knockout phase but, with Serbia destroying Costa Rica and then losing to Switzerland kept all of them on the run for the 2nd spot claim.

The game:

The game started well but it was heartbreaking to see Marcelo going out of the ground due to some injury and that marked Felipe Luis taking charge of the ground in the 10th minute. The Serbians were looking dangerous as they kept on pressing against the Brazilian defense who looked unsettled at the moment. Serbia was a bit physical in their attempts for the ball as in the 33rd minute Adem Ljajic receives the first booking of the match.

36th-minute beauty

From a chipped loft ball from Coutinho saw the ascent of Paulinho into the Serbian penalty box who takes, one touch at the ball to slow the speed and then takes his time to beautifully chip the ball over Stojkovic's head. The Brazilian dugout screams in joy as the scorecard reads Brazil 1 – 0 Serbia. After a few attacks from Brazil, the halftime came and Brazil went to the dressing room with one goal lead.


The second halftime brought down a different Brazilian approach to the game. Brazil not only kept the possession but also dominated the game. The Serbians were finding it hard to take control of the ball and got reckless as in the 48th minute Nemanja Matic picked up the second booking of the game. To change the pace of the game, Paulinho was substituted by Fernandinho. It was certain that Brazil was marching forward to attack at any cost.

68th-minute winner

As Brazil started pressing on more aggressively, the Serbians were focusing to clear out the danger and in one such attack in the 68th minute, from a corner from Neymar, Thiago Silva accurately heads the ball into the near post, taking the score to Brazil 2 – 0 Serbia.

The Brazilians took full charge of the game and treated the Serbians like child-play with rotating the ball among them while the Serbians chased them behind. The game was given three added minutes but for the Serbians that only meant three minutes of more humiliation.

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