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Suarez to Griezmann: Stay French, Mate!

Griezmann’s passport may say that he is French, but he has a soft corner for Uruguay after sharing the locker room with several Uruguayan’s during his career in Real Sociedad. He also said once that he loves Spanish people after playing for Atletico Madrid. Griezman showed his love towards Uruguay by a unique gesture, he went to Madrid’s airport to welcome Diego Godin and Jose Maria Gimenez by wearing Uruguayan jersey with the Traditional South-American drink in his hand after their qualification in 2018 World cup, he was pictured with Gimenez and Godin, and it was shared on Twitter by them. Like any other Spanish guy, Greizmann speaks Spanish like a pro! And he loves the traditional drink. His bond with Uruguayan’s can’t be defined in words.

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Luis Suarez on Antoine Griezmann

Once in an interview before the quarter-final clash Antoine Griezmann said he could not believe that he is going to face Uruguay in Quarter-final, and this is heart-breaking for him but Barcelona’s striker Luis Suarez has a different angle to scrap his feelings for Uruguay, “As much as he says he’s half Uruguayan, he’s French,” the Barcelona forward said on Tuesday. “He does not know what the feeling of an Uruguayan is. He does not know about the dedication and effort to be able to succeed in football with so few people.” Concerning population, France has approximately 67 million people, but Uruguay has just 3.5 million people.

“He will have his habits, his way of speaking, but we feel differently. I do not know what’s going on in his head, but this is the World Cup it’s a special game. I do not know if it is for him.”

Suarez complimented Griezmann in one line by saying that he has a brilliant left foot. Thank you, Suarez, for your kind words!

Instead of Suarez, Midfielder Nahitan Nandez praised Griezmann and said, “Griezmann is very much Uruguayan. He tries to look like an Uruguayan. It could be an extraordinary match for him. We hope that he behaves well and also remember that he is Uruguayan *wink*.”

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