#Twitter reactions: Oh My Messi, Argentinian God misses a penalty, over to you Twitter!

Updated on: Jun 17, 2018 2:15 pm IST

The Argentinian pride Lionel Messi spoken up on the penalty he missed against Iceland in FIFA World Cup 2018, Russia. He said he is angry, hurt and frustrated after missing the easy victory and lacking two points at the group stage. In an statement, he said,“We had a hard time creating chances. We’re going to go out there to beat Croatia. We were superior (to Iceland). We tried but it wasn’t to be. Missing the penalty hurt. Worried? No, I’m angry and it hurts because I missed the penalty. I feel responsible for not having the 3 points. It would have changed everything. We are calm. We don’t have to go crazy. We just started and we know it won’t be easy. It hurts because we deserved to win.”

This time when Messi ended here to accept his blunder the Twitteratis jumped into the deep sea of social media and started trolling him and his fans as well. Here are some tweets that can compile the trollers’ reaction on Messi after missing the penalty and compromising on a frustrating draw with Iceland.



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