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Watch: How Iranian fans disturbed Cristiano Ronaldo’s sleep?

The supporters of Iran assembled outside the hotel where the Portuguese team was staying. They were making loud noises by singing the songs and chanting ‘Iran' to disturb their opponent’s sleep ahead of the fixture. According to the fans, it may be helpful to their side if they disturb Cristiano Ronaldo. It all started around 10:00 PM, just before the day of Portugal vs Iran. When the team reached the hotel, Iranian fans were waiting outside and they started singing their Iranian songs and making noise which disturbed the players.

One Iranian fan and IT Consultant Mehndi Fayez immediately arrived to increase the numbers of fans outside the hotel. He said, he is a big fan of Ronald, he also loves Portugal but this is a big game, and he should help his team by anyway. Another women fan, Montreh Fayoud disagreed with this; she immediately left the place after knowing the reason behind the chants.

Image Credit: @FIFA

Russian Police received the first call of complaint about 11:00 PM but they didn’t take any step forward, but after getting another call, police blocked the roads outside the hotel except the main avenue which still got some fans to raise their voice and flag.

Here is a Tweet of Portugal’s TV Channel

Portugal’s talismanic superstar Cristiano Ronaldo caught on Portuguese camera for asking Iranian fans to keep quiet and let him sleep; still, fans didn’t stop. As you can see in the video, He (Ronaldo) is continuously begging fans to stop making noise. The video is getting viral after Ronaldo’s gesture got caught on camera. After all this mess, the scoreline of the match read on 1-1. The only way-out for Iran to advance into the next level was to beat Portugal, but they settled for a draw, which eventually keeps Iran out of the tournament.

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