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FIFA World Cup 2018 loses its essence as Brazil makes shock exit

It was one of the most talked about match of this world cup as soon as Round of 16 started. This world cup has been of topsy turvy nature from the start and powerful football nations exit the world cup at the hands of novice countries. Germany was the first to make the exit in the group stage and saw both the greatest Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also exiting the world cup in the first day of the knockout matches. Spain followed them on the second day and now Brazil made their exit in the quarter final against Belgium.

Belgium came into this match as the underdogs and why they wouldn't be? They were to face the pre tournament favourites and the five times world champions team with promising star players on starting lineup had made fans around the world believed that the sixth world cup is on the way. However, all dreams break like glass shards hits the ground and due to an own goal in the 13th minute, from Fernandinho gave away the control of the game to the Belgians.

The absence of Casemiro in the defensive midfield was thoroughly felt as Fernandinho failed to give passes which could have led to another goal as the Brazil defense started to collapse. After the own goal, Brazil pressed on to attack so much that brilliant possesion won by Romelu Lukaku in the midfield put the final nail in Brazil's coffin. The beautiful one on one pass from Lukaku before giving a through ball to magical Kevin de Bryune shot, found the back of the Brazilian net from the edge of the penalty box. It was yet to be thirty minutes on the clock and Brazil were two goals down.

One thing that would upset the Brazilians is their ability to create plenty of chances but their unability to finish them in the back of the net, cost them the game. Numerous chances were created by the Brazil midfield but only one converted and the rest were either saved or didn't even find the goal post. As the game progressed on, Brazil was getting dangerous in the attack but that was equally matched by Belgian defense. Even the second half goal from Brazil couldn't give them enough boost to find the equalizer in the game. History once again repeated itself as no team in a FIFA World Cup tournament has ever won the match after being two goals down in the quarter final since 1930s.

The result was terryfying to see Brazil, the only team to have played in all the world cups, had found defeat in the physicality and counter attacks of the Belgians and are out of the world cup. The game ended Brazil 1-2 Belgium in the final quarter final game at Kazan Arena.

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