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Is Zidane the reason behind Ronaldo’s switch to Juventus?

By Rajsi Swaroop

Former Real Madrid boss Zindane Zidane has reportedly shown some signs to join Juventus but not as a manager. Zidane is offered to join as a consultant for the Director of Football in Juventus.

He may get ready to take charge from October as he had given his most of the time as a player to Juventus. This decision would bring a change in Zidane’s career as he will change his role from being a coach to the consultant of Director of football.

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Zidane never failed to express his love for Juventus. He also revealed about his future in coaching that it may not stay long. In a press conference with Real Madrid Zidane said in a subtle way that people may see him in a different role in future. Although, Juventus will also need him in a different position because their coach Massimiliano Allegri has been doing well with the team and they will not be thinking to change him.

Ronaldo’s Angle

Cristiano Ronaldo has signed to play for Juventus, and it is official now. Ronaldo’s signing is tagged as the signing of the century still it wasn’t enough weighted to become the most expensive one.

This signing may have a connection between Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo. According to some social media expressions, Ronaldo joined Juventus because of him.

Ronaldo had given his nine years of professional career to Real Madrid and now at the age of 33 when most of the footballer takes step forward for retirement, he got another signing from an elite club of Serie A while Zidane left Real Madrid at the peak of his coaching career just after clinching the title of European Champions League. Zidane cleared the cloud about his future in Real Madrid at the press conference after winning the UCL final against Liverpool. Now he said he might be seen in a different job role.

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