Sunil Chhetri’s Birthday to be Celebrated as Delhi Football Day

Updated on: Jul 30, 2018 3:26 pm IST

Delhi Football association has decided to celebrate 3rd August as Delhi Football day as it is the birth date of the Indian Football captain Sunil Chhetri. The President of Delhi Football Association Shaji Prabhakaran told India Fantasy, “From now on 3rd of August will be celebrated as Delhi Football Day to give honour to our Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri.”                                                  Shaji also elaborated about the celebration which Association planned to organize. There will be a Delhi Reds and Delhi Blues match. “On this day we decided to organise a friendly match between Delhi Reds and Delhi Blues.”

Mr Prabhkarn wants Delhi people to come and become part of the event. He wants to promote women football as well, and this is the fundamental aim of the federation to make people come to the stadium and watch football which will not only motivate the players, but it might help in establishing India as a sporting nation.

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Delhi Association is working day in day out to make people and fans aware of what Delhi association is doing for football. Association wants to popularise football in the city which eventually motivates players to pay off the nation and make the country proud one day.

This is an excellent initiative by Delhi Association which will occur every year on the same date. It is not only for the efforts of Sunil Chhetri but also for his legendary status in Indian football. Chetri is in Spain, so he’ll not be able to attend the ceremony, but several footballers are invited to this event to make it a bigger one than ever in the capital city of cricket favouring nation.

This kind of initiative can make India, a sporting country. As of now the industry is on its boom period, and people are getting interested in sports more, they want their kids to take part in the games and become proud of the nation one day.

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