| On Updated : May 29, 2018 4:03 PM IST

The World wants Ramos to be ‘punished’, find out why?

It seems like the UEFA Champions league final tussle between Real Madrid and Liverpool is still aggressively running into the veins of the fans. The night in Kiev witnessed a different ball game because fans are not happy with the winning captain. Yes, more than 4, 00,000 (4 Lakh) people have signed a petition against Sergio Ramos under the charge of “intentionally hurting” the Egyptian proud Mohammad Salah.

The organizers of Change.org designed the petition as they argued that the Spaniard intentionally kept Mo Salah's arm under his armpit which caused dislocation of his shoulder. The injury didn't only create a defeat to English side Liverpool in the finals but also it has come as a massive blow for Egypt in Russia FIFA world cup this year because the medical team has advised against Salah going and serving the nation in this world cup.

Hundreds of people signed the petition filed by the Egyptian Lawyer Bassem Wahba, who shot a €1bn (£873m) lawsuit against Ramos.

After blaming Ramos with harsh words like “physical and psychological harm,” he stated, “Ramos intentionally injured Mo Salah and should be punished for his actions. I've filed a lawsuit and a complaint to FIFA. I'll ask for compensation, which could exceed €1bn, for the physical and psychological harm that Ramos gave Salah and the Egyptian people.”

The 90 minutes drama is yet to reach its climax.  Let’s see who is going to score the ‘golden goal.’

Rajsi Swaroop

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