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Wenger Has Something-Not-So-Nice To Say About Lionel Messi and Arsenal!

The most successful Premier League manager Arsene Wenger has been talking about the tactics of the footballers where he found Lionel Messi the most perfect among all, but he still saw some weakness in him especially in his defensives technic. “There is no perfect player. They all have some flaws. If we take an example of Lionel Messi, he is the most perfect of them all because he can put others on work and he can score himself, but he has some weaknesses. If you analyse his game, his aerial ability is not very good; he is not great at defence. The coach must emphasise on his strengths as much as possible and put players around Messi who hides his weaknesses.” Said Arsene Wenger. He reckons his aerial ability which didn’t help him to score for his team and eventually showed his greatness.

Arsene Wenger on Arsenal

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Arsene Wenger is also known as a longest serving manager of the Premier League history, but he regrets this record. I regret having sacrificed everything I did because I realised I had hurt a lot of people around me. I have neglected a lot of people. I have neglected my family; I have neglected many close people of mine. Deep down, the obsessed man is selfish for what he loves. He ignores everything. But it's important to chase at the same time. Often, I'm asked about Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira's decision of managing the team. Will they become good managers? And I always answer positively. They have got all the qualities; they are intelligent, they both know football, and have the excellent skillset but do they can sacrifice what needs to be sacrificed. It's an obsession which bounces around your head day and night. You wake up at 3 am thinking about team selection, tactics, formation that is what being a manager is!

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