10 Best Android Games in 2022

Updated on: Dec 28, 2022 12:35 pm IST

  • 10 Best Android Games

    10 Best Android Games: Gaming on mobile has improved as increased than any technology. Android games seem to hit peaks every year. We see more and more bonus game releases that challenge what phones can do, and even free-to-play games are getting better and better. Let’s check out the best Android games.

    10 Best Android Games

    Call of Duty Mobile: A First Person Shooter game with different modes of gameplay. However, the gameplay attracts players’ attention with its rich gaming experience. The different modes included maps, weapons, outfits, and gadgets, etc. In addition, there are some new elements added to the game like new maps, and more.

    Genshin Impact: A well-known RPG game with gacha mechanics. The game received wide critical acclaim for its impressive visuals and excellent gameplay. The game is similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Mustafa Game: In a world human beings and dinosaurs live together, poachers are slaughtering dinosaurs, and using for genetic purpose. To stop this madness, you need to play Mustafa Game: Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. You need to beat up some dinosaurs in the game to avoid problems. In this game, you can see lot of characters like Jack Tenrec, Hannah Dundee, Mustapha Cairo, Mess O’Bradovich, and Vice Terhune.

    Subway Surfers: You will need to spend a lot of time improving your skills and achieving high scores compared to other players. These kinds of games provide fun and also entertain players like us.


    Free Fire Mobile: The game is famous on mobile platforms because it is easy to access the game. In Free Fire, there is a large variety of cosmetics and weaponry to choose from.

    BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA: The game exclusive copy of PUBG Mobile developed by the same developer- Krafton. It released on 17th June 2021 on the mobile platform.

    PUBG Mobile: The game released in a global version, and gamers can download the game using VPN. The global version releasing new updates of PUBG Mobile, and the player increasing globally. A part of the game, gamers need to know there are different types of files  available on third party websites.

    Into the Dead 2: In Into the Dead 2, you need to battle the undead (zombies) in an action-packed game abounding with excitement and conspiracy. However, you’ll need to keep your weapons upgraded—and your canine pal by your side.

    Contra: Contra is a famous game, and it has many versions. The game consists of nine stages, and you will have three lives to complete all the stages. The gameplay is difficult and fun to play. The jungle is my favorite stage in the game.

    Adventure Island: Run, eat fruits to increase your stamina, and again run. Eating fruits is important as the life of your player depends on it. The music and graphics of the game are nice.

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