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| On Jul 24, 2022 10:39 PM IST

Android or iOS – Which is the Best Option for a Gamer?


Android or iOS: If you go to a store to buy a smartphone. You will be getting a device that runs on either iOS or Android developed by Apple and Google respectively. When it comes to operating system, we know the two big players. There will be always an argument between Android users and iOS users on social media and forums regarding both the brands. But, which operating system is more suited for mobile gaming?  One factor that gamers have come to expect between the two platforms is a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Gaming App Availability

Both platforms feature over a million apps, 25 percent of the games. Most of the games are above 4 ratings. Android users play the games that have above 4 rating and they spend time on it. However, iOS consumers spend far for a person compared to Android users, making it a more attractive platform for creators. Apple releases games a few weeks or months before Google Play because for iPad and iPhone, creating games is simple. Developers need to support more than 20,000 device models to reach. For the Android version, developers must work hard to make their game available. iPhone users spend more money on games, and it motivates developers to come up with new gaming applications.


Phone CPUs on Android may differ based on the companies that manufacture them. For example, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon with Adreno GPU is one CPU that performs well in games and apps. The Snapdragon 835 CPU comes with 30% better space economy and 40% less battery. Snapdragon 835 offers 3D performance compared to Snapdragon 540. Apple created its CPUs. The new model A10 Fusion processor is used in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. A10 Fusion processor is 40% faster compared to the A9 Fusion processor and has a 50% increase in GPU performance. The games run faster and smoother out of the gate.

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