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Download Tencent Gaming Buddy for Windows


Download Tencent Gaming Buddy: Tencent Gaming Buddy is popular Android emulator for PUBG, Call of Duty, and other Android games to play on Windows PC. You can improve the overall gaming experience. You can play mobile games on large screen. If you are fan of PUBG Mobile with improved controls to enjoy gameplay. Tencent Gaming Buddy offers an all-round, wide gaming experience.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy: Fast-Speed Emulator

Tencent company is one of the best game developers company in the world. Tencent Gaming Buddy specifically targets PUBG fans. The emulator works well on high-end and low-end PCs. Users need not worry about the hardware configuration of their computer to enjoy the Android games. Compared to other Android emulators, this one has a simple interface. Users don’t need technical skills or knowledge.

Beginners can use this program to play Android games on PCs without any problem. Moreover, Tencent Gaming Buddy supports multiple configuration options and settings. You can easily personalize the gaming experience. The emulator doesn’t affect system performance, and you need to download and install the program. Once it is done, you can start playing Android games on your PC without any issues.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy: Features

The team developers focus on the controller compatibility with this program. However, the flexibility of a controller is the major asset when it comes time to take clear shots. As a bonus, many of these games can be played across multiple platforms. Users you can invite their friends and other players to team up for squad matches.  However, Tencent Gaming Buddy also has optimizations and tweaks for rendering graphics: OpenGL, DirectX, OpenGL, and a “Smart Mode”. Resolution, Processor, Memory, Anti-aliasing, and DPI can also be set.

  1. Android Emulator
  2. Available in Chinese & English
  3. Great usability
  4. Allows better game play
  5. Created for Tencent Games


  1. Multi-platform compatibility
  2. Optimized software for smoother gameplay
  3. Compatible with most controllers


  1. Capped refresh rate (30 FPS)
  2. Some hacking occurs
  3. Not compatible with all mobile games

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