Free Fire Best Gun Skins: How to get the Best out of these Guns?

Updated on: Sep 16, 2022 3:37 pm IST

  • Free Fire Best Gun Skins

    Free Fire Best Gun Skins: In the Free Fire game characters and pets are not only sources. But the gun skins are considered one of the sources. These gun skins offer many bonuses. Depending on the type of gun skin used, it can increase magazine count, accuracy, and even reload speed. However, using gun skins that increase damage and the rate of fire is the best decision for players to make. While a lot of gun skins are available to choose from, only a few stand out in functionality and aesthetics.

    Free Fire Best Gun Skins

    Flaming Dragon: AKs are the different breed of assault rifles in Free Fire, and they offer good stats but require a lot of skill to control. Even without attachments. They are tough weapons at mid-range. Users who are interested in more lethal can use this Flaming Dragon AK skin. It greatly increases the damage and increases the rate of fire by a small amount. However, to recompense for these buffs, the magazine size is decreased barely to make things fair.

    Wilderness Hunter: In Free Fire game, UMP is the most well-rounded SMG in the game. It can be suited with all attachments, and it makes a weapon of choice for many skilled players and beginners alike. However, its USP is its capability to deal with armor-penetrating damage. When combined with Wilderness Hunter skin, the armor damage increases and makes the weapon more lethal. It allows gamers to use the spray-and-pray technique.

    Cupid: SCAR offers low recoil, decent damage, and is easy to control in combat. If you want more out of it from SCAR in combat you can use the skin called Cupid. It increases the rate of fire, and damage output is good.

    The Punisher: This skin works for P90, and it boosts damage and the rate of fire high. However, as the bonus damage and the rate of fire increase, reload speed reduces.

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