Free Fire Events from January to December 2023

Updated on: Jan 17, 2023 1:50 am IST

  • Garena Free Fire is a popular battle royale game that has completed its fourth anniversary this year since its inception in 2019. Every year, these game publishers come out with the latest events to engage their audience.

    This year will be the same. From January to December 2023, Free Fire fans will be able to witness the exciting events. Do you want to know what to expect from Free Fire’s events? This guide deals with all the details on the subject.

    What about Updates Regarding Free Fire Events in 2023?

    Recently, the Free Fire team has collaborated with Cristiano Ronaldo on the conceptualization of various modes and events of the game. One of the ideas that emerged from the collaboration is the Chrono Top-up event.

    This Chrono theme was built around Cristiano Ronaldo and includes four unique skins, including 

    • Time Blender Backpack (100 diamonds)
    • Portal Reactor Loot Box (300 diamonds)
    • Gloo- Wall Chrono (500 diamonds)
    • Monster Truck Cyber Bounty Hunter (1000 diamonds)

    Main types of Free Fire Events from January to December 2023

    According to the expectations, this time special main events would offer different cash prizes to their players. And they get bonus diamonds, themed skins, exclusive skins, favorite characters, and legendary bundles for free. 

    What will happen here are the most chances of these events from January to December 2023 as

    Bonus Diamond Top-Up

    In an earlier year, we saw those game developers distribute Elite Passes to all players. This may be the time when game publishers launch an event in which players get 50 to 100% more diamonds for every dollar they spend during the event. This is why this event is known as a “bonus diamond top-up.”

    New Pet Top-up Events

    According to some Free Fire game sources, new pets will be seen in upcoming events. Mr. Waggor, a penguin pet that gamers get while recharging with 200 diamonds,

    In this tournament, a 500-diamond top-up offers a Maniacal Chain Jaw surfboard, and 1000 diamonds provide all three above-mentioned rewards, including a Rapper Throttle Motor Bike Skin.

    New Character Top-up Events

    It might be possible that we see new characters in the upcoming list of Free Fire games. You can choose any of the characters in the diamond top-up feature.

    Like in the past, Luqueta was an entry in Free Fire, and its worth was 500 diamond top-ups. Users receive both the Luqueta and Star bundles with this recharge. 

    Themed Skins Diamond Top-up

    Game publishers might launch exclusive skins for surfboards, weapons, pants, and glow walls in the upcoming events.

    Besides, players can do diamond top-ups, receive rewards, and purchase an Elite Pass for joining mini-games or events to earn surprising rewards. They participate in some special celebrations and top-up events like rampages, vengeance, and beach parties to collect rewards.

    How to Participate in Free Fire New Events?

    Here are the steps to get into Free Fire’s new events as

    • Launch the Free Fire app on your device and tap right on the diamond icon positioned on the top of the display.
    • Select any option from the various diamond top-ups as per your preference.
    • Buy out the desired number of diamonds and execute a successful payment to obtain diamonds.
    • For the latest updates, go to the Event Center in the Free Fire app or follow us.


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