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| On Jan 3, 2022 9:00 AM IST

Free Fire New Event – January 2022


Free Fire New Event for January 2022: Free Fire introduced the most awaited update OB31. The new update brings many new rewards and much more. Free Fire offers other news and special events with special themed rewards in the game. Players can earn these items by participating in the events and winning the items as rewards. At the beginning of the year 2022. The first event of this year is the Happy New Year Party Event. This event offers many special themed rewards for players who participate and play the game.  Moreover, another event introduced in the game New Age campaign comes at the end.

Moreover, after the Nairi top-up, the game developers introduced another top called Mystery Bonus Top Up, a fantastic new year’s deal. Top-up events include additional rewards, and players can get additional in-game currency. Gamers enthusiastically take full advantage of them.

Free Fire New Age Event

Free Fire New Age event calendar is released and you can see the dates and schedules of the events.

  • New age (December 17 to January 9) – A New Male Bundle and Monster Truck Skin
  • Map & Aftermatch Drop (December 17 to January 9) – Tokens (x2)
  • Play till the rising day ( December 20 to December 26) – Bat Skin
  • Login till the rising day (December 23 to December 27) – Katana Skin
  • Friends United (December 25 to December 26)
  • Lone Wolf Rank (December 25 to December 26) – Grenade Skin
  • The Rising Day (December 25) – Backpack
  • New Age is coming (December 27 to January 2) –
  • Countdown to New Age (December 29 to January 4) – Surfboard Skin
  • New Age Day Login (January 1) – Yeti Pet
  • Magic Cube Fragment Drop (January 1) – Cube Fragments
  • Game With Friends (January 1)
  • New Age Is Here (January 1 to January 2) – M60 Gun Skin
  • New Beginning (January 1 to January 5) – Loot Box Skin
  • Play With Friends (January 4 to January 9) Loot Box Skin

Free Fire Happy New Year Party

Free Fire Happy New Year event calendar is released and you can see the dates and schedules of the events.

  • Collect New Year Tokens – 10 January to 18 January
  • Exchange Tokens for Legendary Gun skin – 10 January to 18 January
  • Login Daily for Rewards – 10 January to 19 January
  • Team Up – 10 January to 15 January
  • Bomb Squad Cup + New Map – 10 January to 15 January
  • Weekend Party – 15 January to 16 January
  • Try New Bomb Squad Map – 16 January to 18 January
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