Free Fire September 2022 Update: What’s New

Updated on: Sep 16, 2022 3:36 pm IST

  • Free Fire September 2022 Update

    Free Fire September 2022 Update: The release of the Free Fire September 2022 (OB36) update is approaching, and it will end in a few days. The recently completed Advanced Server has provided players with a precise overview of all the changes. In this new update, the developers will introduce the new version of the game. The update includes game expected size, download guide, and lot more.

    The latest update of the Free Fire Max game, a new map introduced with minor adjustments and goes live on September 21, 2022. The players will experience a vast maintenance break, and they can only access the game once the servers go live. Gamers can expect the update size to be around 500 to 600 MB for Android users and 700 to 600 MB for iOS users. After downloading the latest version, players cannot play the game until the servers are online. For the Indian region, the maintenance ends at 9:30 am IST (GMT +5:30), and it may vary.

    Free Fire September 2022 Update

    The new Free Fire update in September brings new items, and additional features added, and the mechanism will change. Players can check out an early list of the changes as follows:

    1. New character Tatsuya ;
    2. New Luna character ;
    3. New Smoke Grenade ;
    4. New Corrosion Grenade ;
    5. New areas to revive in ranked BR;
    6. Temporary weapons converted to permanent ones ;
    7. New SCAR with 3 levels ;
    8. Adjustments to the Free Fire Zombie Invasion mode;
    9. New Pet Lupino Free Fire;
    10. Opponents in CS will have a red outline;
    11. It is now possible to send emojis to other players ;
    12. Zipline to get on the dirigible balloon ;
    13. Free Customized Rooms for everyone ;
    14. View damage received and dealt in game;
    15. See who is watching you in the match;
    16. New Gold Royale Free Fire;
    17. 15th season of ranked Contra Squad;
    18. Role Island with soccer field;
    19. Buff on A124’s skill;
    20. New login screen;
    21. New loading screens;
    22. New lobby.
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