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| On Sep 30, 2021 1:28 PM IST

Free Fire Status, Net Worth, Trigger


Free Fire is a survival game wherein players are dropped on an island to survive while competing against each other. The 10-minute gameplay requires players to have a shoot out with 49 players on the battleground. The gameplay allows the players to choose their landing spot on the island. Once a player lands in a safe zone, they can be there for as long as they want to. 

After a player settles on the island, they get ready to battle it out. Driving around, exploring the wild island, the players shoot and snipe at each other to win the game. 

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Free Fire Status

Many gaming enthusiasts who are new to this game may be wondering how to excel at this game. Free Fire Status enables the players to go through a hundred ‘Free Fire Videos’ to explain to them the working of the game. The videos are short and simple to follow. There are a variety of videos that explain how to shoot the target and how to acquire weapons.  

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Free Fire Net Worth

The game has become quite popular in the gaming world. So now everyone is wondering about the worth of this game. 

Well, free fire has earned well enough profit from all over the world. It is estimated that free fire has a net worth of approximately $6.06 million. This amount is calculated only through one source of revenue. Counting the revenue sources, the net worth is expected to be as high as $8.49 million.

Trigger for Free Fire

Free Fire Trigger is a gaming tool that helps the players play the game easily. If a player’s smartphone is small, they may have difficulty playing the game. With the help of a free fire trigger, they can play the game with full control. The trigger is attached to the smartphone to let a gamer enjoy a better gameplay. 

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