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Garena Free Fire: Games serve as a lifeline in this busy and hectic lifestyle. Playing a game refreshes your mind and acts as a stress buster. The online games have improved and we have loved it like anything. The game owners always face stiff competition amongst each other. They are in a bid to create new games to attract customers and have a bigger customer base. Even for successful games that are already launched the owners try to bring improvements to woo additional customers and also retain the existing ones.

Garena Free Fire Hack

The online games have a life of their own. The shelf life of these games is very short and to create a stir in the market one needs to be very sharp. Garena Free Fire is one such game which has a humungous following. The game is developed by 111 Dots Studio, originally from Singapore. The game was the most popular vote game in 2019 at Google Play Store. The game also holds the global record for the maximum active users. It had clocked a record 80 million active users.

The last update that took place in the game was last month. There are minor changes in the game which actually enhance the game by many notches. The updates include new lights, sounds, weapons, surfboard and a few other minute changes that are sure to thrill the gamers. The updates were hugely successful and the popularity of the game grew after the updates.

Free Fire India Championship

Like all other major games on the online platform, Garena Free Fire has an Indian championship. The details of the 2021 championship are:

The competition starts on 29th January and the finale event will be held on 21st March. The registration for the event begins on 25th January and ends on 29th January. The total prize money pool is worth INR 75 lakh. There will be 48 teams participating for the event. They will be divided into 4 pools, each consisting of 12 teams. The top 2 teams of each group will qualify for the league stage of the competition. The 8 teams from the 4 pools will go on to the Open Qualifier I stage. The teams obtaining 3rd,4th and 5th position in the first stage will go on to play the Qualifier II stage of the game. In the qualifier II stage, the 12 teams from this year’s competition and 6 teams from last year’s competition will contend for the qualification to the next stage of the tournament. With the grand prize money, the teams have a lot to compete for in this competition.

Free Fire Guide

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, it is similar to PUBG. Here is the free fire guide to introduce you to the game. The game is basically a battle royale game which you are sent on a lonely island and you have to clash against 49 others. The last man standing will be declared the winner of the game.

Free Fire Tips

The game is similar to other games. It unlocks various characters and features as you progress through the game. Each player has a special ability which can help you in the game at various levels. You can choose the character according to your playing style.

The game has a minimap, this map works like a wonder. The minimap shows you the nearby players, location of enemy players and the direction of shooting.

The reticle is quite unique in this game. It changes colour when it sees an opponent. This way you can just search the probable areas with your reticle and shoot whenever it changes colour. This helps you shoot your opponents, however, you also have to be careful as the shots may be aimed at you as well.

Less Recoil

The Garena Free Fire has a lesser recoil when you fire at the opponent in comparison to other shooter games. The important trick is to fire in burst mode at your opponent for better chances of killing the target.

Taking cover

While you are stuck on an island and everyone is shooting at you, it is a good idea to defend in between attacking during the game. The best option you have to defend is by taking cover. There are a lesser number of objects for you to take cover, thus, you must be careful while choosing the cover. Take immediate action and take cover for your safety before anyone hits you.

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Garena Free Fire vs PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile had gained huge popularity and was widely played across the country. After the game was banned by India owing to its Chinese connections, there has been a void in this segment of the gaming industry. The shooter games lacked quality interface hence they were not very successful. The Garena Free Fire has evolved as the ideal choice for millions of gamers in the country in the absence of PUBG Mobile. The concept of online gaming has evolved extensively and in today’s generation is at the prime of all other games in the market. The shooting games in a particular are a rage amongst the youngsters. These games have 100 millions of active users that enjoy the game on a daily basis.

1. Graphics: The graphics of PUBG Mobile is better than Garena Free Fire. The former has a lite version PUBG lite for smartphones with lesser RAM, however, Free Fire has no such option. Thus, PUBG Mobile scores in this department.

2. Number of Players: The other difference between the 2 games is the number of players. Garena Free Fire has 50 players and on the other hand, PUBG has the option of 60 players.

3. Multiple Characters: The Garena Free Fire has multiple characters to offer while PUBG mobile has just one character for each player.

While the PUBG lite can be played on phones with lesser RAM’s, the original version of PUBG requires better RAM and other phone specifications. Whereas, Garena Free Fire can be played smoothly even on budget smartphones.

PUBG Redeem Code

Free Fire Max

After the existing version is successful, the Free Fire makers have made a new, improved and advanced version of the game. In spite of providing an update which was also appreciated by users and critics alike, the new game has been unveiled and is probably launching soon in the country. The new version of the game would have maps in high resolution and better visual effects. The makers claim that the Free Fire Max would give a better gaming experience to the users.

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