How much does a gaming PC Cost?

Updated on: May 23, 2023 11:53 am IST

Building a gaming PC is a daunting task. Many people believe that only hardcore gamers can make this possible; however, they need to be corrected in this direction.

Whether you are a stringent gamer or not, designing your gaming PC to fit your budget is possible if you gather the right information.

Determine which components are necessary to optimize the performance of a gaming PC and estimate their cost in your pocket.

Some feel this task is full of hurdles, and the rest comprehend that it is not up to their standards. 

A handy guide will aid all kinds of gamers, whether seasoned or novice, in making their PC as per their preferences and how much it would cost.

Necessary Elements to Build a Gaming PC and Their Pricing

Pay attention to the below information to know how much you should adjust your budget to pay for these components when designing your own gaming PC.

1. Processor

The processor is accountable for all the calculations and processing on a gaming PC. It is recommended to look for at least a quad-core processor. Respective processor variants have different pricing.

Low-Range $120 to $200
Mid-Range $200 to $400
High-Range $400 +

2. A CPU Cooler 

Equipped with compact fans for dissipating all types of thermal effects out of your PC casing, is known as a CPU cooler.

Low-Range $120 to $200
Mid-Range $200 to $400
High-Range $400 +

3. Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is a temporary or virtual memory in a PC that can run many tasks simultaneously. The more RAM you have, the smoother the gaming experience you obtain. It is always recommended to include at least 8 GB of RAM and more than this limit.

Low-Range $30 to $40
Mid-Range $70 to $90
High-Range $120+

4. Motherboard

A basic framework to connect all components in one device, including RAM and hard disc, cooling fans, and power supply, is termed a “motherboard. 

Low-Range $90-$150
Mid-Range $150-$300
High-Range $300 +

5. Storage (HDDs and SSDs)

A tool for retaining your HD-quality and large-sized games, photos, videos, and many more on your gaming PC is called “storage. It is of two types: hard disc drives and solid-state drives; the latter is expensive, although fast.

Low-Range $25-$80
Mid-Range $80-$150
High-Range $150-$360

6. Graphics Card (GPU)

The graphics card is responsible for animated characters, visuals, and motion effects on your gaming screen.

Low-Range $120-$200
Mid-Range $200-$600
High-Range $600 +

7. Power Supply Unit (PSU) 

The PSU is the main source for delivering the required power to all components present in the external and internal components of the PC.

Low-Range $20-$50
Mid-Range $50-$120
High-Range $120+

8. PC Case

An enclosure to safely retain all PC components on its inside is known as a PC case.

Low-Range $15-$20
High-Range $50-$100

9. A Monitor

Meticulously choose the size, refresh rate, and resolution of a monitor to get a realistic gaming experience on your PC. It is recommended to go for a 120 to 144 Hz refresh rate, a larger than 27-inch display size, and a 1920 x 1080 FHD resolution.

Low-Range $100-$200
Mid-Range $200-$500
High-Range $500-$1000

10. Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers

Your gaming realization will be greater than your expectations if you select a suitable keyboard with RGB lighting, a vibrant mouse, and clear sound-producing speakers.

Low-Range (All) $200 – $350
High-Range (All) $350-$500

The basic price of a gaming PC is at least $700, and the maximum goes to $4000. Choose as per your requirements and budget, depending on your preference. Get more updates to follow us on Google News.


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