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How To Hack Free Fire Diamonds: Generators And Redeem Codes


How to hack Free Fire diamonds: Free Fire is a battle-royale survival game in which you are forced to fight to the death on an isolated island named Bermuda. The island has many key locations and buildings that house lethal guns, from AR guns and snipers to melee weapons, like katanas and machetes. You would spawn inside a plane and would have to parachute down to the ground. Load up with guns and ammunition before other competitors can get a chance to kill you.

On Bermuda, you would be left alone to duke it out with 50 players, out of which, only a player gets to survive. The Blue Gas Zone is a killing boundary that ensures that there is continuous fighting, The island would slowly start getting contaminated, by the zone, which would push all players to the center point of the map. The advancing zone would make it inevitable for you to avoid contact with other players; thus, leaving you with no choice but to fight for your life.

Today, for a change, we would point out something interesting, much different from the regular features of the game.

How to Hack Free Fire Diamonds

Diamonds are the main currency of the game and are extremely rare. These gems are gained using real money; however, sometimes you can avoid wasting your cash and get unlimited diamonds for free! There are multiple ways of earning free diamonds; so, let’s check them out!


A generator is a free online site that allows players to earn free and unlimited diamonds. All you need to do is fill out your Free fire account details and enter the amount you wish to redeem. After that wait, for a couple of days, for the transaction to complete. 

Diamond Store: Free diamond generator tool 

Garena Free Fire Diamonds

Redeem Codes

Garena redeem codes are 12 character codes that are used to redeem diamonds. For example, you can use the following redeem code on the Free Fire website.

 AIJH-HFFN-MLOP- Free Diamonds Code

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