Little Singham Game Download – January 2022

Updated on: Jan 27, 2022 12:15 am IST

Little Singham Game

Little Singham Game Download: As you know, the police are the law enforcers and also keepers of the peace to protect our lives. Every day, we face a lot of problems such as social evils or dangerous crimes. The police will be the ones who deal with all these problems and risky things.

It is not easy to finish the tasks. While playing the Little Singham game, you will know how difficult it is. In the Little Singham game, you play as a cop called Singham, and you need to protect the city from evil.

Little Singham Game  Story

Little Singham’s story is about the pursuit of a criminal Shaitan Shambala. Shaitan Shambala escaped from jail with the help of his accomplices. Shambala is known to be a dangerous criminal who is practicing black magic. He spends lots of money and robs their possessions by killing people. He escaped from prison and brought dark conspiracy.

Now you need to chase him down and put him in jail, preventing the bad things from happening. Little Singham is good at running, and the gameplay is just like Subway Surfers. Players who are perfect in playing Subway Surfers. They can easily finish the tasks in this game. You can catch road signs, cars moving in your direction, or even Shambala’s henchmen. Remember, initial obstacles are always easy to dodge. When you reach a certain point, it is difficult to dodge the obstacles. You will get items such as bulletproof armor, invisibility cloak, missiles, skateboards, etc.

  1. EXPLORE the vibrant cities, towns, and countries.
  2. DODGE, JUMP, SKIP, and SLIDE through obstacles
  3. Dodge the oncoming trains, buses, and more
  4. Collect COINS, gather REWARDS, and complete MISSIONS
  5. Use Bikes and Cars for HEADSTART and MEGA-HEADSTART
  6. Get free runs with HOVER BOARDS, Bayblades with Special power-ups.
  7. Win BOSS FIGHTS with Kaal by using the special PANJA ATTACK
  8. Free Spins and earn Lucky Rewards with the SPIN WHEEL
  9. Accept the DAILY CHALLENGE to earn extra Rewards
  10. Beat your friends using exciting power-ups.

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