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| On Jul 26, 2021 11:21 AM IST

Ludo Khelo And Win Money Every Day


Ludo khelo and win money every day: Ludo is a historic board game, passed down through hundreds of generations. The recent advancements in technology, during the modern era, have led this board game to become a part of something much bigger. Ludo has become a prominent online board game, where you can play this game with other players around the world. And, the best part is that you can earn real cash while enjoying yourself by playing ludo online. Although the game is pretty easy to play, once you are aware of its basic rules; yet, it has some crucial rules that one must follow to play the game properly. With that in mind, here, is a gist of some of the most important ludo rules.

Ludo Khelo and Win Money Every Day

By the way, you can not only play the game online and with friends, but you can also earn free cash from betting on matches. It is a recent feature and has already gained a lot of attention. So, hurry up, download ludo gaming apps from any of the following portals to earn real money!

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Ludo Rules

Rules are the backbone of any game because; without them, it would be messy. Ludo would be a complete gibberish game if it doesn’t have any rules. So, here is a small gist of the different rules in ludo-

  1. A game of ludo should have at least 2 players to play.
  2. You would have to throw the dice and score the number of moves.
  3. If by any chance you roll a six, you would get to unlock your first piece and get an additional throw as well. Moreover, you can also move your free pieces with six.
  4. You can also your pieces to capture the opponent’s pieces; this action would send your opponent’s pieces back to square one.
  5. To finish the game, the player whose pieces have reached the end square win. Remember, all your pieces would have to reach the end square; otherwise, the game will continue.