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| On Jun 22, 2021 11:21 AM IST

Ludo King Tricks You Must Know To Win Every Game


Ludo King Tricks: The most popular online board game can be played with your friends, and you stand a chance of bragging rights. To keep up with time and technology, developers made the old classic board game come onto android and internet platforms. These game became a craze in no time. 

Ludo King Tricks

Ludo King has tons of attractive features, such as coins and emojis. You can use some simple tricks and tips to play the Ludo King better and to have a greater chance of winning the game. So, be all ears and use these tips and tricks to ace among your peers.

Open Pieces

The most common trick and probably the most necessary move every player should know is to ensure the opening of pieces. You are not actually participating unless you have open pieces. To open pieces, you would need to roll a six on the dice. When you have gotten a six, your piece would automatically move to your home box. From then onwards, you can just roll the dice, and your piece would begin to move. You have to be on guard about the fact that the pieces of your adversaries can strike yours, and then your piece would be sent backpacking home.

Strike Opponents’ Pieces

In ludo, the best thing is to strike the adversaries’ pieces to make them useless, and then the player would have to wait for the chance of opening pieces again. This provides you enough time to rush past your enemy’s home, complete the circle and get into the secured finishing lane to let your luck piece attain nirvana.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Yes, you must be prudent and try your best to avoid risks losing your pieces for a chance of rushing to the finish. If you have your luck sticking to you then sometimes a crazy maneuver may pay off, but usually, it is very difficult to survive.

Rush to the Finish

The main point of the game is to reach the finish. You will have 4 total pieces, and it would be your responsibility to strategize and secure a path to the finish. You will have to pass all 4 pieces in the finish box to win the game.


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