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| On Oct 14, 2021 9:33 AM IST

Paytm First Game App: How to Win Money Online


Paytm First Game App is a home to many online games, where you can earn money and spend your free time. Lot of games available in Paytm First Game to entertain players, and play for free. The First Games application offers bonus cash to start playing online games, and you don’t need to invest your money for the first time. The application offers bonuses, cash games, and tournaments where players participate to earn money. The platform is 100% safe to play, and it has millions of users who are using this application daily. It is famous across the country, and the application provides an captivating gaming experience.

Especially, the graphics are top-notch. There are various promo codes and vouchers used to claim bonuses and bonus cash. When you register on the First Games application, you will receive Rs. 50 bonus cash as a welcome bonus. After receiving bonus cash, you can use it to play games like rummy, quiz, fantasy sports, and other multiplayer games on the First Games app. In fantasy sports, you can play cricket and football games.

There are a lot of other games to play on the application. Card games like rummy and other multiplayer games are popular in this application. You can use the bonus cash to play these games and also Ludo as well. To start playing games in the First Games app. First, download the link by entering your mobile number on the website. Installation of this application is simple and easy. Once installed, check out the different games, and pick the best and enjoy.

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Paytm First Game List

Paytm First Game has three balance accounts. One is used for deposit money. The money can be added from a bank account, and it goes to the deposit section. From here you can pay a fee to play games. Similarly, if you don’t want to spend money, then you can use a bonus balance or refer the app to your friends and get 50 bonus cash or participate in bonus cash challenges to earn a certain amount of money. Let’s check some of the most famous games on Paytm that help to earn cash.

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Ludo game played by four players, and it consists of four squares with different colors. Each player is allotted to their respective square with four pieces and takes alternate turns. Pieces need to move in a particular direction until they reach their home. The player who gets all pieces to home is the winner.


Group of 13 cards with sets and sequences. There should be at least one pure sequence to win the game.

Nitro Street Run

A popular car racing game where you need to avoid obstacles on the road. Collect the coins and reach the finish line at the first position.

Fantasy Games

If you are looking for competitive games, then you can go with cricket, football, and kabaddi. You can challenge other players in real-time.

Paytm First Game APK

Here is how you can download the Paytm First Games app:

  • Log onto the official site of Paytm First Games.
  • Enter your mobile number and click on the “Get App Link SMS” button to get a
  • message to your mobile. In that message, you will find the app link.
  • Click on the link and download the app. After the download is completed, install the application.

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