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Pokemon Cloud White Download – January 2022


Pokemon Cloud White Download: Get Pokemon Cloud White ultimate version by searching through Google. However, the general storyline of the Pokemon cloud is wonderful.  Moreover, it consists of different missions and duties assigned to player. The User-Interface and graphics are good and attractive. Pokemon Cloud White is a must-play game, and the players love this FireRed GBA game. Furthermore, cheats are available in the game along with the GBA emulator. Moreover, the game is huge and takes time to complete the levels.  The  old scenarios  identified as Kanto and Sevii. The game added with extra cutscenes of Johto, Mangan, and Azur is current like in Sapphire.

Game Information

  • Pokemon Cloud White
  • Creator: Shugon
  • Game base: Pokemon FireRed
  • Language: English

Game Features

  • Scenarios after Original Kanto&Sevii Scenario
  • New Regions (Johto(include HGSS exclusive maps and some new maps), Mangan, Azur)
  • Rivals
  • Evil Teams
  • Graphics
  • New Menu
  • National dex “at the beginning”
  • Physical/Special/Status Split
  • New moves and abilities
  • BW Repel System
  • Exp Catch System
  • Poison outside battle leaves 1 hp
  • Run indoor
  • Decapitalization
  • New Battle Backgrounds
  • Increase difficulty
  • Day and night + Weather (include HG/SS/DPP snow)
  • Pokemon World Tournament (Like in B2/W2)
  • The Kolloseum (PWT – Like)
  • tons of Anecdotes and famous quotes
  • All the Pokemons are catchable
  • Mega Evolution & Mega gems
  • More than 540 Pokemons from gen 1 to 6
  • Buyable Home and customization
  • New ferry and bus system in new region
  • New pokecenter
  • An additional storyline based on the film “7 samurais”
  • All the gen of Pokemons
  • Sprites are updated (trainers, Pokemons, etc)
  • PokeMarts are updated
  • New evolutionary stones
  • egg hatch lvl 1
  • IV in the Menu
  • New Bootscreen
  • Johto Safari Zone in addition to the Kanto Safari Zone
  • Non linear Story (Johto and Azur A.)
  • A true Open world (In Azur Archipelago And Johto)
  • More than 75 hours of gameplay
  • Johto Safari Zone in addition to the Kanto Safari Zone
  • “Egg Market” &” Black market”

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