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| On Jun 15, 2021 10:31 AM IST

PUBG Mobile India Download: All you need to know


PUBG Mobile India Download: One of the most celebrated RPG games in India, PUBG Mobile is about to be released again. Gamers can now stop waiting and finally get to play the awesome game. PUBG Mobile India is currently in development, but you can always pre-register for the game on the official website.

PUBG Mobile India Download

The pre-registration date has been announced officially by Krafton. The long-awaited game can be pre-registered on 18th May on the official website. There are attractive rewards for the pre-registration, available for only Indian players: Recon mask, Recon outfit, 300 AG, and an exclusive title – Celebration Expert.

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India is having a new update on version 1.14. These features are completely new and unique.

  1. New Vehicle: PUBG is releasing a new vehicle called the Coupe RB. This vehicle looks like a simple classic 1990 vintage muscle car. The car is supposed to reach a top speed of 150 km/hr in the game.
  2. New Aim Setting Update: A new aim setting was introduced in the game. It is called the “Over The Shoulder” aim setting, and it is adjustable in both TPP and FPP. Players can activate the OTS button from the settings menu. The OTS allows players to get better accuracy in hip-fire but slows down the movement speed. Players can also customize the size and transparency of the button along with sensitivity settings.
  3. M249 Update: Due to the new update, M249 has been optimized with a host of cool new features. Players can now increase M249’s ammunition capacity with the help of an extended magazine. There is also the tactical stock addition that helps control the stability of the gun.
  4. Achievements Update: PUBG Mobile developers have enhanced the capabilities of the UI of the game. Players can compete with their friends in competitive gameplay for achievement points in the game. Some of the achievements have been deleted in this update. For example- Payload Powerhouse and Armor Expert.
  5. Pistol Update: In update 1.4 of PUBG Mobile, pistols like the Desert Eagle, the R45, and the P1911 have received a buff in their damage. The rate of fire of the above-mentioned guns has also been increased in the latest version of PUBG Mobile.

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