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| On Sep 1, 2021 10:38 AM IST

PUBG Mobile India New Update to look out for in September 2021


PUBG Mobile India New Update: The long wait for PUBG enthusiasts might be over soon by September 2021 when Krafton will set on releasing the latest update of the game. For this new update Krafton had started a pre registration process earlier in February this year. By the time the whole pre registration process ended in the month of July, the company revealed that there were already 20 million registrations for the game, excluding some Asian countries like India and China. 

PUBG updates to follow

Krafton is planning to build some overseas studios and branches of the game. The CEO of the gaming company, Kim Chang Han is diversifying and looking forward to spreading the game in regions like North America, Southeast Asia, Central, and South America.

Creators of PUBG have also been collaborating with other content creators like Zootay and Wynnsanity to create an alpha product. 

This update of PUBG is expected to have exciting new features for better engagement and more interaction between the players. There are hopes for various video communication functions, high-end graphics, an optimization engine, and high-quality open world maps.

There is excitement amongst the creators too as they are looking forward to reactions of fans regarding the new updates. 

Krafton has also given massive news for Indian fans and players, the modified version of PUBG, Battlegrounds Mobile India will be exclusively introduced for the Indian audience. Through a teaser release of the game, the fans could point out a couple of changes about the game. The teaser included a level 3 backpack which is an extremely essential part of the game and this backpack would let the players carry different types of items with the help of the backpack.


PUBG Redeem Codes

Redeem codes allow the users of the game to have access to those contents that are usually paid for. There is a big number of users who can not pay for these contents and therefore they more than often rely on these codes to be able to use and take part in the attractive in-game events. Bewitching costumes, weapon skins, loot crates, etc are some examples of real time gaming experiences. The codes that grant a permission to users for utilizing and taking a part in this experience are usually a combination of alphabets and numerical values. These codes are applicable only once and there are new sets of combinations that are set for almost every day. There are a range of free accessories like underground crew set, free fireworks, combat driver set, etc that a user can get via applying the codes. There are some precise steps to go through to be able to redeem codes. First step in this direction would take place when the players of the game will go onto the redemption centre of the game. After this step they will be required to put in their character ID and the specific redemption code they have with themselves, a few moments later the players would receive a verification code. The last steps would include clicking on the “REDEEM” option and then the player will be able to collect their redeemed item in the in-game mail section. And that is when the player will be able to enjoy the exclusive and premium items. 

  • Reward Redemption Site

A Reward Redward Site allows a player to claim their rewards. For claiming these items the players have to enter a 12 character redemption code which is a combination of alphabets and numbers (ex – BG1204NJ00KR). Players can find their reward items in the vault tab in the game lobby. 

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PUBG Tournament

The company Krafton also organizes a few tournaments of the popular and prominent game PUBG. The PUBG tournaments are held in various countries and winners are rewarded with a number of prizes including a huge sum of cash in their hands. The tournaments usually go on for a longer period of time (approximately 3 to 4 months) where multiple teams compete with each other to win the final prize. The tournaments of PUBG take place with multiple segments or stages. Each of these stages have an increased level of difficulty and the teams which are able to clear all the rounds are then headed to a final battle amongst each other.  

For taking part in the tournament the teams are required to go through a selection process and if they are selected then they follow through the different levels of the tournament. There are no rules overall for teams to be able to participate but it is required for some to have a platinum account for them to be a competitor in the tournament. 

In case the teams are tied at the final stages of the tournament then the company Kraftpon decides to select the winner on the basis of other parameters like finishes, survival time, accuracy, etc. 

PUBG Mobile Latest News

The India specific PUBG mobile game has surpassed approximately 34 million users according to the developer company Krafton. Seeing this massive success, Kraftoon is thinking of announcing a tournament soon in the Indian subcontinent. Krafton further adds that BGMI – Battleground Mobil India has observed a significant peak of the game with reaching over 15-16 million  daily users. With more daily player interaction and many downloads, the game has been seen with increased rankings on Google Play Store. Wooyol Lim, the Head of Battlegrounds Mobile India at Krafton said the company hopes to grow and further develop together with India’s video gaming and esports industry.

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To Conclude

There is a huge PUBG following all over the world and all these devoted fans are in for a ride with the new September updates  of the game. With new designs, better interacting experiences for the players, and open world maps, there are many such exciting events to look forward to. Meanwhile the Indian fans of the game are not being left out of the experience. Indian users of the game PUBG keep on increasing day by day and so there are impressive chances that the game developers will soon be launching a tournament in the country.  

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