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| On Jun 22, 2021 11:30 AM IST

PUBG Redeem Code For 19 June, Unlock Aircraft Pilot License


PUBG Redeem Code: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular online mobile game in India. There are many reasons people love this game: from awe-inspiring gameplay mechanisms and graphics to cool in-game prizes and rewards. To acquire some cool in-game customizations, you may need to spend in-game money that is very rare to come by. The other way is to buy the Royale Season-Pass. The Season-Pass would provide you with missions. When you complete the missions, you would earn season points and receive fashionable gifts like- gun skins, in-game money, and cool gesture animations. The new season has brought in new cool rewards that players can use to show off; so, hurry and grab the irresistible prizes!

How to Redeem PUBG Mobile Codes



To Redeem PUBG Mobile Codes for the event- Titans Strike, which would provide you with aircraft pilot licenses; you have to visit the official PUBG Mobile site and redeem the codes there. You can also just simply open the game and go to the event section; where you can click on the themed events and then click on enter the code to claim a pack. There you can enter your code and receive aircraft pilot licenses, which can be used to buy and redeem special rewards.

Today’s Redemption Code Unlocks Aircraft Pilot License

Now for the codes, you are waiting for; these codes will unlock aircraft pilot licenses that you can use to purchase and even redeem rewards, like skins and graffiti. The best part of this is that everything is absolutely free!

List of 19th June Redeem Codes for Aircraft Pilot Licenses


List of All Redeemable Items from Aircraft Pilot Licenses

  • 200 BP – 1 Aircraft Pilot License
  • Supply Crate Coupon Scrap – 2 Aircraft Pilot License
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap – 3 Aircraft Pilot License
  • Fashion Referee Glasses (7d) – 4 Aircraft Pilot License
  • Street Cred Set (7d) – 5 Aircraft Pilot License