Top 10 Apps to earn Money from Home in India for Beginners

Updated on: Apr 27, 2021 4:01 pm IST

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    Earn Money from Home: Today, you can earn money from the comfort of your home. The thought seems unlikely and alluring at the same time. There are indeed several apps to earn money from home. You do not require to be an academic expert for the same.

    How to make money online for beginners

    You can earn a handful while playing your favourite games and giving opinions or sharing deals. The medium of earning is as simple as downloading the app and using your smartphone. Here is a list of 10 apps to earn money from home in India.

    1. RozDhan
    RozDhan app is a video sharing platform. The app enables you to share videos. The videos can be shared to anyone in your contacts including friends and family. The availability of the app in all languages including the regional variants makes it a compatible for entire strata of customers of all ages. This app rewards you with INR 25 to 50 on successful registration.  The referrals to your contacts also enable you to earn money. Thus sharing videos or referrals and even downloads, the app is made for you if you are fond of videos. Go ahead and show your love for videos and earn at every step.

    2. 4Fun
    The app is a video sharing app which rewards you with INR 50 on registration and INR 7 in your PayTM wallet. You can log in in this app via Google or any other social media account. You can share the 4Fun videos with your contacts i.e. friends and other accounts. The app gives you coins which can later be converted into cash. The referrals also allow you to earn. The referrals and sharing make you earn INR 6 per system.

    How to make money online for beginners

    3. Loco
    Loco app is a quiz based platform, it helps you earn money by winning the quiz. There are various types of quizzes based on the difficulty level and prize money involved. The questions are based on general knowledge. You can also stream the game online while connecting with your followers. Also, apart from the quiz, the app has various other games like Ludo, Carrom and Pool. The quiz, however, remains the most popular game on their platform. Loco can be played in single-player and multiplayer mode. It is a very popular app amongst the masses with more than 10 lakh registered users. The app is available on Android as well as Apple store.

    4. Meesho
    The prospect of buying and selling has been prevalent since ages. Meesho brings a new leaf in the book of retail business. Founded in 2015 by IITians, the app was amongst the first in India to receive funding from Facebook. The app is primarily a reselling app. As a registered user, you may acquire products from a whole seller and sell it to the customer after adding a margin. Meesho has empowered several homemakers and other individuals who want to earn from the comfort of their homes.

    10 Apps to earn Money from Home in India

    5. Google Opinion Rewards
    Google Opinion Rewards is an app designed to give rewards for surveys. As the name suggests, the app is only for android users. Google conducts surveys on general topics. The topics are random and are usually selected out of public opinion. All you have to do is to participate in the surveys and share your opinion. Google gives you rewards for your contribution to the questionnaire. Although the money earned from the survey is not in the physical form the funds are transferred to your google play credit. You can redeem the credit in the play store and buy the paid apps for free. The entire process seems very simple and rewarding. So go ahead and participate, earn while giving your opinions various subjects.

    6. U Speak We Pay
    An app which makes you earn while you speak seems like a fantasy but its true. This app with the name ‘U Speak We Pay’ offers you money for speaking. After downloading the app you will receive texts and you have to record your voice for the same words. It is available in multiple languages so you can choose your preferred language. You earnings will be based on the successful completion of the task. The quantum of payment depends upon your accuracy of pronunciation. Thus, you can have better rewards for you to improve your pronunciation. You do not receive physical cash, however, the funds are transferred to your PayTM account once you reach INR 25. Besides, you can also earn by referring others. The app is by far amongst the simplest in terms of money-making download the app and try to make more out of speaking.

    7. Sheroes
    An app designed for the female fraternity, Sheroes app deals with empowering the woman to earn cash from home. Be it side hustle or permanent work from home ideas, Sheroes app has got you covered. The app has business ideas and opportunities to work from home. The app has hugely benefitted the world of the homemaker. It has enabled the ladies as self-reliant in terms of earning. The best thing about the app is that it gives the opportunity to a woman even without a professional degree. Thus, with the help of this app, you can explore the opportunities of earning with minimum educational background and work experience.

    10 Best Game Apps to Win Money Online

    8. Dream 11
    Dream 11 is one of the leading apps when it comes to fantasy gaming apps. The app was developed in 2008. The app was not very popular in the early years, however, it is a name to reckon in the present times. The app has gained huge fame and success, thanks to the Indian Premier League. The app has an active user base in excess of 10 crores. The mammoth success of the app in 12 years is commendable.

    9. Rummy Circle
    Rummy Circle is a gaming based app. The users can enjoy the nuances of the game along with winning huge amounts as prize money. The game can be played with 2 or more players. The app is available on Android as well as Apple platform.

    10. Earn Karo
    Earn Karo, touted as the social cashback app, is based on the sharing the deals with friends and family. The app helps you earn when you share the deals with your loved ones. Thus, everyone is a winner. The different e-commerce websites feature deals on the app. The app is also used by various influencers who market their links to the followers. The biggest take from this app is that it provides real cash.

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