Top 5 Business Game Rules to Master the Game

Updated on: Dec 23, 2022 2:04 pm IST

  • Top 5 Business Game Rules

    Top 5 Business Game Rules: Business Game is known as Indian Monopoly. It is famous as a board game in India. Unlike other board games like Snake and Ladder, Ludo. Business Game need a lot of good decision-making in order to win the game. This game is one of the best games that kept everyone occupied and helped to strengthen their relationship with their family members.

    Top 5 Business Game Rules

    The Business Game rules are simple, it requires a minimum of three to four players, and each player can have Rs 15,000. Players will take turns rolling the dice. whoever gets 12 on the dice first can start moving ahead. Players go around the board to make money as possible. Players who owe more money that they can’t afford it. So, they are out of the game.

    Income Tax: When a player falls on this space, he need to pay Rs 200 to the bank.

    Club House: When a player falls on this space, he need to pay Rs 100 to the banks for using it.

    Rest House: Player who falls on Rest House will have to skip his next turn.

    Property: In Business Game, each city is a property. If a player reaches a city and if he has enough money to buy. Then he can buy that city. If he doesn’t have money in the end, he can sell the city to the banker. The price of each city is mentioned on the board. When a player lands on the property owned or purchased by another player, the player needs to pay the rent to the player who owns the property.

    Chance and Community Chest: If a player lands on either chance or community chest. They can draw a card from the deck that you get in the Business game and proceed as per the instructions given on the card.


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