Top 5 Gaming PC: Specification, Price, Review, and Details

Updated on: May 23, 2023 11:54 am IST

If we disregard the portability of laptops, gaming PCs are far superior to laptops. The former is less expensive than the latter; instead, it has a comprehensive set of features such as exceptional performance and 4K gaming realization by investing a portion of the laptop’s price.

There are several features in gaming PCs that make them more desirable items. A difficult task you may face is selecting the best one from a sea of competitors. You must thoroughly investigate their specifications, reviews, and properties.

Why consume your precious time on such a petty thing if you have the option to go for our tips, where we have analyzed the best 5 gaming PCs in terms of specifications, pricing, reviews, and many other things?

The Top 5 Gaming PCs in Feb 2023 – Specifications, Price, and Details

You do not need to go anywhere else to find the latest 5 gaming PCs this year after scrutinizing every pinpoint essential of our compiled gaming PCs. Read about them till the end.


Model ASUS ROG Series
Operating System Windows 11
Processor AMD R Series
Processor Speed 3.5 GHz
RAM Size 16 GB upto 64 GB DDR4
Hard Drive Size 2 TB SSHD with 7200 RPM
Graphics Card and Size NVIDIA and 11 GB
Price (Rs) 1,30,831

2. Dell Alienware Aurora Ryzen R-10

Series Alienware Aurora (R13)
Form Factor Gaming Laptop
Processor  Intel Core i7 of 3.6 GHz
RAM Size 16 GB upto 32 GB DDR5
Hard Disk Size 1 TB SSD with 5400 RPM
Graphics Coprocessor Nvidia GeForce Rtx 3070
Graphics Card Size and RAM 8 GB GDDR6
Graphics Card Interface PCI Express
Operating System Windows 11
Price (Rs) 1,30,831

3. MSI MPG Trident 3 10th

Model  MSI MPG Trident 3
Processor 3.4 Core i7 of Intel
RAM 16 GB upto 64 GB with 2666 MHz
Memory Speed 2400 MHz
Hard Drive  512 GB SSD
Graphics Coprocessor Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060
Graphics Card RAM Size 8GB GDDR5
Storage 1 X M.2 SSD + 1 X 2.5” HDD/SSD
Price (Rs) $2,299.00

4. CLX Set Gaming Desktop

Processor 3.6 GHz Core i9 – 10850K and turbo boost upto 5.2 GHz
RAM 32 GB upto 128 GB DDR4 with 3200 MHz
Hard Drive  4 TB HDD with 5400 RPM
Graphics Coprocessor Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
Graphics Card RAM Size 10 GB GDDR6
Flash or SSD Memory 960 GB SSD
Price (Rs) $2,429.99

5. Lenovo Legion Tower 5

Processor Speed 3.4 GHz Ryzen 7
RAM Memory 16 GB to 128 GB DDR4
Hard Disk 2 TB SSHD, 7200 RPM
Memory Storage Capacity 512 GB
Graphics Card RAM Size 8 GB GDDR6
Graphics Coprocessor Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
Price (Rs) 1,48,890


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