Which is the Best Ludo Earning App?

Updated on: Feb 1, 2023 8:36 pm IST

Ludo has been in India since time immemorial. With time, a craze for online Ludo, or Ludo fantasy, is rising among the masses. Fantasy Ludo falls under the category of fantasy sports and enables users to play and win money by winning its tournaments or leagues.

After participating in the fantasy Ludo, you not only compete with your familiars, but you also feel recreation and entertainment. Ludo’s earning app is different from an ordinary Ludo app. The former provides an opportunity to win over plenty of bucks and earn money doing referral activities. Overall, you can make a lot of money while staying in touch with your old friends.

The guide is only for you to help you reach the best Ludo earning app where you can maximize your earnings with your gameplay skillset.

1. Ludo Supreme

Ludo Supreme allows you to experience something unique while playing board games, especially Ludo. It contains plenty of facilities that make your gaming interesting and absorbing.

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards to win extra cash.
  • Faster withdrawal policy
  • A list of cash battles for participation.
  • Exciting quick mode
  • Add money in your wallet securely to gameplay. 

2. Ludo League

Ludo League is a board gaming platform that cuts long gameplay sessions into shorter ones. Via this platform, you take part only in the mini-board games without consuming one or two hours. This is not only a property of Ludo League, which makes it popular; apart from that, this app has something more like

  • Funny chat emojis
  • Private chat rooms
  • The new fast-paced mini-board.
  • Lots of free coins for the everlasting fun play. 

3. Gamezy

Since the IPL 2020, Gameskraft, one of India’s leading game development companies, has launched Gamezy. It is not only famous for fair and smooth gameplay but also consists of a long list of features as

  • Guaranteed zero fraud and fair play.
  • Play other casual and card games with a ludo, such as a poker and rummy.
  • Eight different languages already have this feature.
  • Quick reward distribution following the completion of a match, only 15 minutes after the match concludes. 

4. Ludo King

Ludo King has received a 4.2-star rating on the Google Play Store and 8 million positive reviews. Despite this, it was named the most popular game of the year at the 2022 India Gaming Awards. 

  • Invite your Facebook friends for a challenge
  • Daily free bonuses and interesting apps.
  • Unique voice chat facility.
  • A multi-platform functionality that is responsive. 
  • Earn reward points by inviting your acquaintances. 


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