Wordle Today Answers 30 November 2022

Updated on: Nov 30, 2022 9:33 am IST

  • Wordle Today Answers 30 November

    Wordle Today Answers 30 November: Wordle has come long way. Players who are playing the word game online are quite enjoyed with its gameplay. In this article, we provide Wordle hints and clues for today. If you are unable to guess the word after reading the hints, and go for solution. Today’s word puzzle has managed to brighten your day. We’re happy to help. Below we’ve put together a few little hints to help you to sort out today’s solution. Alternatively, scroll down below for today’s Wordle answer in full – plus a definition.

    Wordle Today Answers 30 November 2022

    Need some clues for the Wordle answer today? Here are a few to get you going:

    1. Used as a noun, this word can refer to a room in a house.
    2. Used as a verb, it means a scholarly activity.
    3. If you entered the word “DUCTS”, four squares would turn yellow.

    It’s time to reveal the answer to today’s Wordle. The word is…


    Simply enough, “study” means the devotion of time and attention to the pursuit of advancing knowledge on a particular subject. This is why we encourage students to pay academic attention to their studies, possibly making use of the household’s study if they’re lucky enough to have key to one. Not a particularly atrocious Wordle solution in my opinion, but whether you breezed through today’s puzzle or worked a bit, be sure not to spoil the answer for others now that your own study of the problem is complete!


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