Why was Preity Zinta happy to see Mumbai get knocked out?

Updated on: May 21, 2018 3:34 pm IST

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    Indian Actress and KXIP co-owner, Preity Zinta has clarified herself after a video of her saying “I’m so happy Mumbai is out, Very happy” went viral. At KXIP’s last game, Preity Zinta was seen uttering words that resembled the said sentence. And it indeed was true.

    KXIP lost last night to CSK that meant they crashed out of the tournament. But the video made more news.

    Preity Zinta has clarified today by saying, “Relax! Only if Mumbai was “Knocked Out” Punjab would have had a chance of getting to the playoffs but RR was happier we were Knocked out by CSK cuz they got to go to the playoffs!  When you leave it till the end one has to not just see your wins but other teams losses as well.”

    She tweeted this from her twitter handle after a fan had asked her if she’d uttered those words. Unfortunately, KXIP also crashed out of the tournament along with Mumbai.

    KXIP had to restrict CSK to a score of 100 or less in order to supersede Rajasthan to a play-off place. They failed to that and also, managed to lose by 5 wickets as Dhoni finished off the IPL round-robin phase with a six.

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